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Re: im too broken to be helped

Hey @BonnieBoo, I'm sorry you're feeling like that, it sounds really tough when all your days seem to feel like that. Do you mind me asking what type of unhealthy ways you do to relax?

Something I find that helps me to find meaning in my days is spending quality time with a friend and just talking. I find finding someone I can have a deep meaningful conversation with about what's on my mind or life in general really helps to put things into perspective for me and give me ideas I never would have thought of. Something I also find really helpful is reading inspiring quotes and watching inspiring movies. Do you think these things may help you too?

Re: im too broken to be helped

@Puppies026  yea sometimes talk to a friend too the funny thing is i trust him the most but hes my ex lol. okay my unhealthy coping forms that take the pain away, my way is usually to cause more pain (physical pain). so yes there just a little unhealthy.

Re: im too broken to be helped

Hi @BonnieBoo,


Reading back through your threads, it sounds like you have thought through some really constructive ways of coping with difficult days, as well as recognising that there are a few that are unhealthy. Recognising and acknowledging when a coping strategy may be unhealthy is a really huge step!


You have mentioned that these long days can be painful, and I am wondering if you have spoken to someone about coping before? A family member, professional or someone you trust? I can see that you have a friend that you trust which is really great! Often people around us can identify coping strategies is us that we may not see in ourselves and can be a great source of support Smiley Happy


The forums are also a great place to find coping strategies! This thread here has a ton of ideas too!


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Re: im too broken to be helped

@Jess1-RO  my family is makeing me see a psychiatrist, but no i don't trust her. but yesi have talked to her bout coping 

Re: im too broken to be helped

Hey there @BonnieBoo


It can be difficult at times to find a psychiatrist that we feel comfortable talking to and trust. Is trust something you could bring up with her the next time you see her? It might mean that, if possible, you can change and see someone else.


When you talked to her about coping, did she offer and suggestions of strategies you could try?


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: im too broken to be helped

no she tryed to put me on meds but i said no she keeps trying tho

Re: im too broken to be helped are things going with the psychologist, are they still cancelling? Maybe they might be a better person to chat with for the moment, while the psychiatrist doesn't really seem to be helping.


Sometimes going on meds can be the right choice, since it can help you better engage with therapy, and a lot of studies show that people do better when they get therapy and medication. And for what it's worth, the worst side effect I've ever had from meds was a light headache that went away after a couple days.


But everyone is different and nobody should be pressured to start on medication unless if they're well and truly ready for it. So much of therapy depends on your relationship with your doctor/psychologist, and if they're pressuring you to do something that you're insistent isn't a good fit, then chances are that there are larger problems in the relationship that need to be addressed before you go any further.


How are you feeling today?

Re: im too broken to be helped

@Asche  yes she is still canceling on me. im thinking of getting a new one, and i don't want meds because i want to get through it on my own.


feelin:  invisible, and down all the time exept when i'm with a certen friend 

Re: im too broken to be helped

Hey @BonnieBoo, that sucks to hear that your psychologist is still cancelling on you Smiley Sad. Therefore, your idea of seeking a new one sounds like a good one Smiley Happy

I'm also sorry to hear that you feel invisible, but you've also mentioned that you don't feel invisible when you're when a certain friend, am I right? If so, is it possible if you could reach out to them sometime today or later for support?
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Re: im too broken to be helped

@Esperanza67, he is even more depressed than i am