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is anyone out there?

i feel so depressed right im just really hurting inside and really lonely. i tried to spend time with my mum who totally treat me like an inconvenience and i asked for a hug from her but it didnt make me feel better. and i know this sounds weird but i feel like my body is not my body like when i am being talked to i didnt know who they were talking to and i just dont feel like this is me. 

Re: is anyone out there?

Hey @whydoibother 


I'm so sorry too hear how things are for you at the moment. It sounds like you're in a lot of pain. It can be really hard to connect with people close to you, like your mum, when you're feeling such intense emotions. Which might be why you feel like you're an inconvinience to her. And it can also be a side effect of feelings like these to feell like your body is not yours. Like you're disconnected from everything.

The most important thing to remember is that these are all feelings, not facts. Big, painful, overwhelming and scary but still feelings. Which meams that, with support, you can overcome them.

Are you talking to anyone about this stuff? Do you have a school counsellor or health professional that you see? Or would be willing to see?

KHL offers phone and webchat counselling 24 hours a day. You can call and talk to someone about what's going on for you. Same as LifeLine. Booth places have trained professionals who can listen to your story and offer asvice, or just listen. It's compltely up to you.

And in the meantime, here is a story about someone going through feelings of lonliness and what worked for them.


I hope that's not too much! Does any of this sound like something you would be ok with doing?


Re: is anyone out there?

hey @whydoibother 


NigioC gave some great advice and the links she has provided are definitely definitely looking into! Im also really to sorry to hear that your Mum isnt giving you the support you need at the moment it can be really yuck trying to get through things like this alone. If you check out some of the services NigioC listed, you will find that there are others that will listen and can be there for you when you need it most.


From my perspective, if I start feeling like a bit of a stranger to myself I find that practicing mindfulness can be a really helpful thing for me to do. Here is a factsheet we have about it. There is so much amazing content online about mindfulness and meditation as well. It has helped me focus and find a positive headspace when Im doing everyday things (like having a conversation or even little things like doing the dishes or reading a book) and it really calms me down and helps me stay present.


How are you doing today anyway? Let us know how things are.

Re: is anyone out there?

hey @whydoibother how are you going?

It sucks when you feel lonely and like nothing can ease that feeling inside.

Have you spoken to anyone about it?

The suggestions that NigioC and chelsb gave are really good, give them a go if you feel up to it Smiley Happy


We have a lot of fact sheets about feeling lonely and alone

Some of the suggestions to overcome feeling lonely are talking about it either to friends or professionals, getting a pet! getting online ( which you have done YAY! So well done you Smiley Very Happy )

Other things like getting a hobby, joining a club or sports team, being creative (drawing, writing, crafts, baking, music, sewing etc) or setting goals like going to one new place a week (new cafe, different beach, a friends house you havent been before, a national park) etc can help make things exciting and help to show that you can be alone but not lonely Smiley Very Happy I think for starters though it might be best to talk to someone like KHL or Lifeline and then the other things you can do while you are at home or between chats and stuff Smiley Happy

WHat do you think?


Re: is anyone out there?


sorry im just replying now. i have a psychologist but the ten medicare sessions are nearly finished (how crap is at that u only get ten!!) and without that it is $190 a visit which is too expensie when im only on centrelink disability. i used to have a kids helpline counsellor but that finished up a few months ago. i rang them yesterday and guess what they have said NO to me getting more therapy from them WTF i told them i could not afford face to face therapy but they came up with some excuse like being on disability should open up my optons ?? and couldnt even really tell me a good solid reason why it was no. so thts a bit messed up and unfair. so anyway it looks like i wont be in therapy much longer. do u guys know of any places like kidshelpline that offer free or low cost therapy?? 

Re: is anyone out there?

Thats so bizarre that they have turned you away? It might be worth calling again and asking whats going on, maybe they might have misunderstood your situation or something? That sucks


eHeadspace is a great website with online chat and email counselling options and they have centres all around Australia where you can go and recieved free face to face support

Life Line (13 11 14)  is another resource like KHL , they offer online and phone counselling

BlueBoard is a webiste with forum support for people who are or may be suffering from depression or anxiety

And eCouch is a funky online etool that has self help modules you can work through that help with a number of issues like depression, anxiety, grief, relationship breakdown etc. It uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy strategies (helping to retrain your bad thoughts into realistic good ones) and mindfulness and relaxation - its worth a look Smiley Happy


There are heaps of resources out there that are more than happy to help you, just like with face to face counsellors and psychs, sometimes you need to go through a few to find one that you really click with and that works well for you, but there are heaps out there - you are definitely not alone!

Would love to see you round the forums still though!


Let us know what you think of some of those sites Smiley Happy

Re: is anyone out there?

Hi @whydoibother ,

I remember when you posted about finally finding a good Psych, I'm sorry to hear that you're running out of your sessions. I agree with you, it can be stupidly tough for people on limited income to get affordable counselling. I hope some of the options that have been posted above are helpful for you - let us know how you get on?



Re: is anyone out there?

hey @whydoibother 

how are you going?