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i feel so disconnected from everyone

i feel like im missing out on a key part of human existence 


im okay and my mental illnesses have been getting a lot better. i have supportive friends and family so its  an issue on my end

but i just feel like im going to live in a bubble cut off from everyone forever and im kind of in  a place of sad acceptance


i cant sleep and im trying to distract myself from my brain yelling at me does anyone have suggestions



Re: isolation

@ivory it really sucks you're going through this! Whenever my brain feels too loud sometimes I find that listening to music helps, especially genres that are more 'gentle' like folk or indie. When I do this I try to focus on each word the singer is saying or figure out all the instruments that are being played and how the song changes over time. 


But I think you can also do this with any type of music you really love, because when we listen to music it can touch us deeply and also help us feel more connected to others. In that moment, when you feel whatever the music is conveying to you, you are forming a connection that spans across time and space not just to the artist but to anyone who's ever listened to that music as well.

Re: isolation

Hey @ivory, it great that you've been getting better. Smiley Happy The world can feel like such a big place sometimes and it can be hard to be connected. Did you find anything that distracted you?

Re: isolation

yeah i play online dress up games ahhahaa its dorky but good

Re: isolation

Haha I am very much the same @ivory Smiley Tongue I love creating characters using those games because I lack artistic skill Smiley Tongue How are you feeling today?