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just life atm

so one of my classmates was doing some stuff at school and while he was on that stuff, he was very hyped and was mentioning to other classmates about fathers. he was saying how a father left the baby while it was born, didn't reply to them at all and how that person all grown up is just known to wait. but he screamed it out in class and after he has gone, you know what, i honestly don't care about any of this. or about fathers or anything. now what he does not know is that my father left my mum before i was born, therefore i don't know him at all. but i'm still waiting and hoping that one day he will try and get in contact with me, because he is my real father. but does that give him the right to just scream that all in class?? because straight afterwards i burst into tears and i just completely broke down because that really hurt and he was being so rude about it. i'm just not sure if i'm over reacting or not and i don't want to speak to him because he is doing some stuff at the moment (drugs)...


thanks Smiley Happy Smiley Sad

Re: just life atm

Hey @anonymousnobody


First off, I'm so sorry your dad left your mum and you. That truly sucks. Even if he wasn't going to be a good dad, he just left you with a bunch of questions and that's not fair.

Second, what your classmate did was not ok. I'm not sure if he was talking about you directly or not but, even if he wasn't, it was a dumb thing to say and you have every right to feel upset. This is huge stuff and him talking about it like that would upset anyone who had gone through something similar.

And if he WAS talking about you, then that's even worse and you have a right to be properly pissed off at him.

Are you feeling up to talking to him about it? If it's drug use that's making him act this way, maybe he needs help. How bad do you think it is?

Re: just life atm

Hi @anonymousnobody

I'm sorry to hear that happened Smiley Sad 

It's not fair on you that someone had an outburst that was very insensitive. 

Drugs can especially affect an individual's thought processes! 

How are you feeling about everything today?

Re: just life atm

im feeling a lot better but i still feel pretty crap. but i guess i had it coming for waiting for many years for my dad to come and he didnt, so im just kind of giving up... @missep

Re: just life atm

his drug use is pretty bad. he brings it to school everyday and it is almost his life. i dont want to talk to him and everytime he tries to talk to me, i feel like i should yell at him and because i have younger siblings, i am meant to be a role model. therefore i dont really want to talk to him, and i know that doesnt help at all but i would probably just scream if i did tbh. @Ngaio-RO

Re: just life atm

Hey @anonymousnobody, I'm sorry that this guy is having such a negative impact on your life. Could you speak to some teachers or another trusted adult about what's going on/how you're feeling?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: just life atm

I've spoken to a counselor about it but there isn't a whole lot they can do about it. i haven't spoken to any teachers about it because i don't feel comfortable talking to them about this. so i can't really speak to anyone i trust because the amount of people i trust is very low. @letitgo

Re: just life atm

Hi @anonymousnobody

It was a very sucky situation to be put in! I'm glad you're feeling better about it Smiley Happy 

How are you feeling about it all now? 

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling that way about your dad, especially since that classmates outburst! 

I think it's really brave of you to talk about it here because your situation might help others who feel the same way or are in similar situations. 

We're always here to talk! 

Re: just life atm

I'm feeling a lot better now. But the situation with my dad is still a problem. But hank you for being here! @missep

Re: just life atm

That's good you're feeling better @anonymousnobody

And of course, it's going to take some time to work through the situation!
Is the guy who had the outburst still being a trouble or has that settled down?