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just struggling to manage

hey, i'm 16, my parents went thru a divorce 4 years ago and my mum was never really the same after that, went nuts, and kicked me out a few days after my 16th bday. im an A grade student, was best and fairest on the school team and stuff... (altho had to give up the team this year coz im working) i have thankfully not been homeless as an older friend (20s) has gone to europe for 2 years and i can stay in his house rent free while hes away.


anyway things have been getting kinda crazy. i've been doing final exams for year 11, have been trying to pay my way with work and youth allowance and i just found out my bf of 13 months (also got kicked out) who has been living with me has been cheating on me and we have now broken up over it. someone's mum at school has let me stay with her for a few weeks so i don't have to worry about cooking and stuff, and theyve been unbelievably nice to me, but it has been such a stressful time and I sometimes wonder where its all going to end... Plus i miss my ex even though i hate him for what he did. it's just so hard and i see so many people with easy lives and no worries who just dont get what it is like for me, I cant talk about it at school or to friends or anything...


Re: just struggling to manage

hi k2


welcome to the reachout forums.

that sounds like a very stressful situation for yourself. but it also sounds like you're a very resilient and strong person.

there are many community services that might be able to make your life a bit easier and ease some of that pressure.

you can always try asking your local council to advise you on the services available in your local area.

you're always welcome to post on the forums and keep the dialogue open. there's always someone on the other end reading your posts. Smiley Happy


sounds like you enjoy school as well and make the most of the opportunity. hope you went well on your exams


i've attached the fact sheet about coping just in case you think you might like to read it 


Re: just struggling to manage

Hi k2


That sounds pretty rough. Foster has some good advice there, and that article he linked to is really helpful.


Sometimes it can also just be enough to talk to someone. I'm sure you'd have a friend who'd be willing to at least listen. But, failing that, why not give Kids Helpline a call (1800 55 1800).

If nothing else, it feels good just to talk to someone about things so that it can help you unravel the issues better in your own mind. That alone can be a good coping strategy.


Hope that helps at least a little. Smiley Happy