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living as a little person

Just wanted to talk about life...


Because of a glandular disorder i retained a pre-pubescent voice and a small size and childlike looks. I've played child roles in local amateur theatre (even though i'm a guy I've been called upon to play female as well male children).



Re: living as a little person

Hey @kergulen welcome to RO! You can definitely chat about life here Smiley Happy


How were your experiences with acting in child roles and are you still acting?

Re: living as a little person

@Mona-RO Yes I'm still acting in local suburban theatre. I do the occasional ad playing a child. Again even though I'm betesticled, I have played female children as well. Playing female children has been tough sometimes.

Re: living as a little person

Hey @kergulen thanks for sharing your experience here. I think i'm hearing that people are projecting an identity on you that does not match who you actually are. That must be constantly painful Smiley Sad 


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Re: living as a little person

not sure. It can be difficult playing children when the actors around you forget you are not a child. Playing female children... I was the star of a Woolworths commercial playing a female child.