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low self esteem



so i've always been someone who's been super self critical on myself but not so much so that it really impacted by mental health. this year though i went on an exchange (and am currently still on an exchange) because its always been something i've wanted to do and i was super keen to do it. about a month before i left i was getting kinda anxious and wasn't sure if i wanted to go but i did and i'm proud that i did. its definitely been a rollar coaster but i think i've done pretty okay haha. however i have been quite homesick and that's i think increased how self critical i am on myself to a point where its just not good. so any tips for a low self esteem?


Re: low self esteem

hi @heyo! Going on exchange, especially to a country you're not familiar with, is definitely a super courageous thing to do and we're proud to see that you were able to step out of your comfort zone and try it! Smiley Very Happy It's definitely a difficult thing to do — from my experience, getting used to the cultural differences and adapting to a new lifestyle can definitely make things harder for oneself. We're also glad to hear that you've been doing okay so far throughout your exchange! Smiley Happy What in particular do you miss from home?


This article from reachout gives some really helpful and simple tips on improving self-esteem! For me, realising that not everything can be perfect helps me stop being too hard on myself and give myself realistic goals so I don't feel bad when something isn't perfect. Is there something in that article that could help you?