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mental health and studying

hey guys


i was going to go onto the thread in hanging out but ive got a few tough things affecting so ill put in here. 

Im wondering what others thoughts are for studying with mental health. I would only be doing smaller courses that take a few months at a time however ive got a few things happening including a surgury which im waiting for a call between now and June for a date and further instructions. but not only that in amongst my caring and family responsibilities in 2-3 months ill be undergoing testing with a specialist to check for cancer and other issues  (such as fertility, pcos, endometriosis etc) within the reproductive system so it is quite a stressful time coming up so there is alot to consider however i foun studying to be abit much at time its was qute helpful in me coping as well.


Im interested to hear what others think too both good and bad thoughts please


@Jess1-RO@gina-RO@Jay-ROjust tagging you guys here as youve usually got some helpful info and suggestions too! 

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Re: mental health and studying

Hey @scared01, I'm so sorry to hear about what you have to go through in the next few months, it must be so tough and exhausting, so for you to be wanting to study on top of that is something you should be so proud of!

I will be starting my 5th year at uni this year and I can say it definitely hasn't been easy. But at the same time I couldn't imagine myself going through the last 4 years without being at uni.
There were semesters that got too hard and I couldn't handle doing uni full-time while really struggling mentally myself, so I would drop down to just doing 1 subject or 2 subjects for that semester. Other semesters it got to the point where I didn't care much about uni so I wouldn't go to any classes for most the semester, hand in assignments late and at times even didn't turn up to my exams.

But what's great is that universities cater for students who are going through tough times and provide things like special consideration for exams, allowing you to re-sit, giving extensions for assignments etc. For example Monash University has a 'Disabilities Support Services' which you can register to and that way you will not have to apply for special consideration each time, instead you will given extensions and things upon request. They cover all things including health issues and surgeries.
Even though it has been a very difficult last few years trying to juggle uni, I can definitely say still going to uni despite that helped me so much. It helped provide a distraction a lot of the time, helped me get through hard times when studying things I enjoyed or allowed me to focus on achieving a goal (e.g. high mark). What I found helped the most though was the social network you build during your time there and studying with friends and meeting new people all the time actually made the past few years of my life. It builds your support network and really helps a lot interacting with lots of others when you are struggling through things yourself. It also helps to know that even though you are struggling, you're working towards something you really want to do in the future!

I can definitely say I am so glad I stuck through with uni even though I wanted to give up so many times and drop out. It's made my life so much better now in so many ways and opens up so many opportunities for experiences, jobs and making new lifelong friends! Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: mental health and studying

thank you @Puppies026

Unis are good for support services that is true, ill be going through tafe though i think. I know they offer some similar services to so it is something to keep in mind. I dont really like using the disability support services- not through embarrassment or anything but becasue i feel ill become to reliant on it when if i actually spent the time on my studies rather than doing something else i would be able to accomplish it.

thank you for sharing both the good and bad as it ssomething to think about. Im worried that with everything coming up itll be to much to handle but then i worry that i need something to focus on rather than everything that is happening. does that make any sense?
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Re: mental health and studying

I love that you posted this thread @scared01 as studying with mental health was a GIANT obstacle that I had to face during my high school/uni years.

I agree with @Puppies026 in that taking advantage of the disability support services your uni/tafe is a great idea and is something that tremendously helped me during my uni years. I can see where you're coming from in that you might be concerned that you may become too reliant on it, I had these thoughts too when I first started using my uni's counselling services but as long as you have other supports (GP, psychs, etc.) that won't be much of an issue.

Dropping your course load is also another great idea that @Puppies026 has mentioned and is also something worth considering if you do end up feeling overwhelmed with studying. I've done this also when I felt overwhelmed with my studies and not only did it benefit me mentally, but I also noticed that I enjoyed my studies more and ended up getting better grades.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding any of this, I'm more than happy to share more of my experiences Smiley Happy
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Re: mental health and studying

i dont have those other supports @Esperanza67. id be doing it more online too though because thats my preferred form of studies plus looking after pop and having everything else to contend with too. im not sure its the workload thats bothering me really but more my lack of motivation and concentration as well
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Re: mental health and studying

Hey @scared01, studying with a mental illness is such an important topic and I'm so glad you brought it up!


In terms of workload, I definitely agree with all of the things that @Puppies026 mentioned. I do believe that even studying online, you should be able to give your uni/TAFE a call, or have a meeting and will be able to get extra support. I know that my uni will give extensions on assignments, waive public speaking assignments and let you sit less tutorials if you are going through a mental illness. I'm sure TAFE should have similar abilities too! Have you tried giving them a call to find out?

As for the motivation factor, I suppose that's a bit difficult to predict until you're fully in your course. I know that studying with a mental illness can be so hard, especially if you're going through a bad patch and don't want to do much. Perhaps this can also be helped with the services that I mentioned before, as in, perhaps you can extend some assignments if this is something that you end up experiencing?

Re: mental health and studying

thanks @basketofmonkeys
i havent called them yet but i do know theyve got support services jsut not sure how to access until i need them or until i enquire about it, it might be worth asking though.
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Re: mental health and studying

@scared01 I am proud of you for bringing this up! I think from memory you've considered studying with TAFE before?

Studying online sounds like a good idea, I'm totally for studying online (as it's what I do) but I can also recognise it's not for everyone Smiley Happy

For me, I haven't needed to access any support services while studying online. At times I have dropped by my local TAFE library for resources, or I have rung and discussed topics with the teacher to help my understanding, but otherwise, I've found the course fairly easygoing. (of course this will depend on what course you're looking at and your level of understanding of it already)
What I have found with studying online with TAFE they give you a suggested timetable to complete things by, different teachers and departments will vary, I know for me they haven't worried when my units didn't match the timeline. But with my brother, because he hadn't submitted anything in 3 months they put his enrollment on hold or something so he's not technically studying or something (I don't know all the details)

The other thing I like about studying online is I can look at, learn and complete assessments when my brain is most engaged, be it 6 am or midnight Smiley Happy

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Re: mental health and studying

yep @Bee i have studied online with TAFE not to long ago like i wanted to do Smiley Happy and its something i want to do again its just the motivation thing or questioning how much is to much as well. I handled it before and i actually found it helpful in my ways to cope since it was something to actually have to focus on and something to work towards as well. a posiitve in the negative i suppose.

my teachers for the last course were pretty good too and i could call or email them if i was stuck on something usually responding within a few hrs if i emailed.

yep i like online study for those reasons too @Bee my most 'active' time was actually late arvo or evening so usually when most tafe/uni classes had finished for the day.
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Re: mental health and studying

one of my concerns is the work experience. i know alot of courses have that and that is one thing i always struggle with.
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