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Re: mental health and studying

@scared01 motivation can be tricky at times! Do you know what kept you motivated last time?
When I struggle with motivation for my course, I like to leave the documents open on my laptop, so either the PDF or the webpage, so when I'm at my laptop it's a visual reminder that there is something else to do Smiley Happy

That's great you had awesome teachers last time!

Can you elaborate more on the work experience? Are you referring to on the work experience where you go to a business and apply the knowledge there eg doing volunteer work at a childcare centre for Early Childhood studies?

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Re: mental health and studying

i actually liked my studies so that is what kept me going @Bee i feel like ive got to be in the mood though otherwise the information jsut doesnt sink in or i just get to frustrated and no work gets done anyway.

yeah so like going into a bussiness and applying that knowledge is what i meant by work experinece
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Re: mental health and studying

I agree @scared01, I have to be in the mood too! Although... I mean sometimes I feel like I have to force myself a little bit otherwise the 'mood' would never come. I really need to try and focus and push any distracting thoughts and feelings aside.. once I get stuck into my work then I can relate to the positive distracting side of study as you said before Smiley Happy

What makes you feel like you struggle with the work experience side of things?

Re: mental health and studying

Hey @scared01 I can totally relate to the difficulty of studying alongside mental health challenges. Something that I read a few months back has been swirling around my head lately, and I'm hoping to apply it to my studies this year:

Action = motivation


Basically, it means that for a lot of tasks, such as studying, we approach it with the idea that we need to be motivated, and then we'll get stuff done. However, more often, the opposite is true. We have to get started (even with the smallest of steps), and THEN motivation appears.


I take into account my fluctuating mental health by doing a few things:

- When I'm feeling motivated/mentally well and able to study, I do as much as I can and get ahead where possible. That way, when I do need to take a break or can't concentrate because of how I'm feeling, I don't fall as far behind.

- I'll do the smallest possible task, so that at least I feel like I'm doing something. For example, I might spell check what I've already written on my assignments instead of writing any more.

- Or I'll do something else that I enjoy (usually read a book or make a cup of tea) until some sort of motivation to study comes back.


I hope this helps Smiley Happy  

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Re: mental health and studying

thank you for those tips! @letitgo they are really helpful!
and also its good to see you too Smiley Happy
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Re: mental health and studying

yes that is true! still gotta push ourselves even when we dont really feel like it @Taylor-RO

hmm the work experience more makes me nervous because its a whole new environment, and also when i study its really weird but instead of feeling proud and sharing my studies i get embarrassed and hide it as well.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: mental health and studying

Yeah it sucks at times but I don't think studying is always fun.. especially when you are trying to establish a new routine and aren't used to it yet @scared01.

Do you know whether you will have to do work experience for the course you are mentioning? What do you think might make you hide your achievements rather than being proud? Heart

Re: mental health and studying

ive contacted tafe about 2 of the courses im interested in however i prob wont hear back until tuesday/wednesday when it reopens as its the weekend and a public holiday as well @Taylor-RO

honestly im not sure why i get embarrassed about it, perhaps becasue i feel like im being 'cocky' even when i say oh im studying now. i kinda feel like my happiness makes others sacrifice theirs
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: mental health and studying

@scared01 I hear you about hiding your achievements and knowledge through your study. I find that as well!
That is really hard to feel like your happiness makes others' sacrifice theirs. One thing that comes to mind is asking that part of you why you both can't be happy?
One thing I have learnt through modding here is that I can celebrate an achievement and the users here, other mods and staff are happy and supportive of me... I'm still learning to apply that in my everyday life, but I'm seeing that the people who have a positive influence on me also celebrate my achievements - no matter how small.

Sometimes I feel like I hide my knowledge and skills I've learnt from study in fear that I'll be asked to prove them, and I fear I'll forget it or not be able to recall the information correctly (Or as stated in the learning material). I think this okay though because when you are learning new material, it's not as strong as something you've been doing your whole life, it comes back to that notion that the more you do something the better you get at it because the pathways in your brain become stronger.

I hope this makes sense and helps Smiley Happy Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart