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my life

so today is a a week from my birthday so i was pretty excited. that is until my mom told me i was not going to get a birthday party or anything for my birthday, no driving, no anything because i didn't clean my room!!! i am balling my eyes out right now and she telling me how i need to step up and do more things and telling me how worthless i was and i just really need someone to talk to


Re: my life

Hey @lovebug137 and welcome to ReachOut!


That's exciting that your birthday is a week from today! I've still got half a year until mine. 


There is no reason for a parent to call their kid worthless, because you are never worthless. Even if it feels you haven't done anything worthwhile, you are still young and will do plenty of things in your future. 


Parents can be difficult sometimes and act without thinking all the way through. They can be annoyed that their kids haven't done what they've asked them to do and act rashly because of it. It's still no excuse, but it helps to understand why someone acts a certain way to help you understand them. One of the biggest culprits of this is the messy room, parents getting annoyed that their kids aren't cleaning their rooms. I completely understand the struggles of cleaning a room though, mines been messy for over three weeks! It's tough on parents to have to raise kids, so sometimes they have these moments where they take away everything because they aren't happy. But it isn't the end of the world. Smiley Happy You still have a week to make things better. 


The first thing you can do is to clean up your room. Make it look even better than you usually would and apologise to your mum about not doing it after she'd asked you to or sooner. Another thing you can do is, if you have chores, do them before you're asked to, showing initiative in doing your chores. If you don't have chores, then doing some like the dishes or the table or even unpacking shopping also shows your mum that you do work. 


Talking to your mum as well, asking her if there is anything you can do, chore-wise or generally. If you do normally do things around the house, you can ask her about what she thinks you should do more, to find out why she said you need to step up and do more things. 



Let us know how you go Smiley Happy 


Re: my life

thank you : ) you were very helpful hopefully i will change things in time for my sweet 16 Man Very Happy