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nasty People

Hey Snuffles, sorry that you feel bullied - no one deserves to feel that way. Even though bullies are mean, it's still not ok to call them names and it's also not OK to threaten them with violence. I've had to move your post because it's against guidelines, but I really hope that you post again, but keep it within guidelines. You sound pretty upset, have a read of this guy's story of how he managed his anger. Keep reaching out. - Sophie

Re: nasty People

I had to put up with other peopl's sick attuides all my life Sophie and that why, I find my anger is very explosive at times, even uncontrollable. I myself is heavily medicated to calm me down.


Things has been hard lately and that's last thing I need, some smart ass elderly person make him look important by pushing me around! He did that so I gave it back to him to make the nasty fat old man see that he isn't so high and mighty after all!


Most elderly people would younger people to respect them, however there a bunch of eldely people out there who seem  think getting respect is a thing that has demanded for. If they want respect, they have to earn it......Be  nice to younger people and they will be nice to you.


Those who demanded respecpt  shouldn not  expect younger people to be respectful to them if they keep treating them badly.....They will think,"Why should I treat you nice? You are not nice to me!"



Re: nasty People

Hey Snuffles


Its terrible that you had to go through that. Nasty people are everywhere but letting them affect you means that they win. I have also had issues with my anger but controlling it means that you are self aware and understanding when something can set you off and controlling it before it does. 


I agree respecting people is a give and take thing some people have it and some people dont. I think about people's experiences because you never know what someone has dealt with... Maybe an older lady is horrible to young people because she has been attacked or treated with disrespect so much that she hates them or a young person having horrible experiences with older people and ends up hating them too. We dont know people's stories until we know them. That's just how I see it Smiley Happy 


Being angry is normal learning to control it is extra-ordinary Smiley Happy 


I hope writing this has helped you in some way 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: nasty People

I have always had put with people sick attuides and now I have no sense of humour when it comes to older people pushing me around, as I had younger and older people push me around all though my life, make thing clear......I am sick to death of em, As I know they will never change their sick attuide. So if they think they can dish it to me and not get a response, expect me to grovell at their feet , if they expect that  they are sadly mistaken!


I will give it back to them as brutally as the gave to me........I had a gutfull dealing with people of their type. Younger people are not much better towards me. I spend most me time at home as I can't trust some people as far as I kick  them!


Re: nasty People

Hi Snuffles,

I know how you feel - I got to a point where I felt like everyone around me was treating me like crap at one point. I found that anger is a really awful emotion though - it made me feel worse and took so much energy feeling that way. I find that the best way is to ignore the people showing you disrespect and push them out of your life. When it's appropriate, definitely tell them the way they're treating you is not okay - but a rational approach to that has often worked much better than that for me than an angry one.

I'd really encourage you to read a couple of the articles here on reachout about anger and how to deal with it:

Do you see a counsellor or talk to anyone else about how you're feeling? I'd absolutely recommend you talk to Kids Helpline about how you're feeling to come up with some better coping strategies. They're on 1800 55 1800.
They do also have online counselling if you don't feel like talking to someone is right for you:

Take care,