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Re: need help

why is my replys being deleted

Re: need help

Hey Angel,

I'm not sure what's going on, but if someone is hurting you it's SO important you let a trusted adult know what's happening - are you at school? Can you talk to a teacher or the school counsellor?

Even if someone has said we can't tell anyone, if you are feeling upset and hurt, you NEED to tell someone. It will be really tough, but it's the best thing to do so these people don't keep hurting you. It's not your fault you are being hurt but it NEEDS to stop and to do that, you need to talk to someone who can help.

Ruenhonx suggested some good numbers to contact and they can always refer you on to other services if they think they'll be more helpful for you.

Please talk to someone.


Re: need help


Re: need help

Hey angel,


I'm really sorry to hear that you're feeling so bad, and like you're not able to talk about what's going on for you. You've made a really great first step by coming onto the forums here and letting us know a bit of what is happening for you. It can be really scary to open up to people - so good on you for taking that brave step.


It sounds like there is some really serious stuff going on for you at the moment. You mentioned a couple of things, and I really just want to let you know that what is going on is not your fault. I also wanted to quickly point out the guidelines for posting ( You're not in trouble or anything at all - just be careful about posting details of things that might be triggering or upsetting for other users. 


You mentioned that you can't see a doctor, but there are other people that you can talk to about this stuff. Here at ReachOut we're not health professionals, but there are a few services that you can access online (are you able to use other online services similar to these forums?). One is Kids Helpline, which Lex mentioned above, but there is also a service which is dedicated to helping people who are experiencing abuse - their site is Through their service you can talk to a qualified and experienced counsellor about what's happening for you, and they can try to help you find some solutions which can help things improve for you. 


I also wanted to reiterate that you've absolutely done the right thing by coming here and reaching out for support. Letting people know what is happening can be a really scary thing to do, and it's really brave that you've come onto the forums. I really hope that you continue to reach out for help - coming here is a great first step, and now you can take the next one by contacting Kids Helpline or 1800respect to talk to a professional. You don't deserve to be going through this, and it doesn't have to keep happening - you can start to take back control. Remember, if you're in immediate danger, you can always call 000 for help. The people on the other end of the line are there to help you. 


Hang in there - you've done a really positive thing by coming onto the forums, and I hope you can congratulate yourself for that. I hope we keep seeing you around Smiley Happy


Re: need help

thanku i new at this im sorry if it upset anyone was just not happy

Re: need help

That's cool - no need to worry about it! All sorted now.

Re: need help

im glad not in trouble dont like being in trouble