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need some advice/opinion

Hey so this happened today and I went out to put gas in the car. I went to pay and realised my card had JUST expired like the day before and i had the new one at home but i couldn't just leave... everything happened really quickly and i asked if i could do a bank transfer and the cashier seemed nice enough and he was like "oh my manager's there and it seems a bit shady but yeah i'll do it". so i got his details and sent the money but i'm not sure if he actually paid for it and whether or not that was a scam?? what if i got reported for stealing??? (i tend to overthink so i'm not sure if i'm just overthinking for nothing)


just looking for a second opinion to see if i did the right thing or what else i could've done. i was just really embarased. 

Re: need some advice/opinion

@wanderingwasp  it seems like you did the only thing you could have at the time, try not to beat yourself up too much i am sure everything will be fine. 

Re: need some advice/opinion

Hey @wanderingwasp I can relate to this 'overthinking' thing SO much- it can be really scary worrying that you've been scammed Smiley Sad It sounds like you did the only thing you could at the time. You've got proof you transferred the money and if something dodgy is going on it would be no way your fault and there would be people who could help

I know I used to ask my dad what happens if you don't have the money to pay for petrol and he would say they hold your license for you while you get it Smiley LOL I am now realising as I write this that my dad was LYING- how could you drive home to get money without your license *facepalm*. Yeah I think transferring the money was your only option. Or like cardless cash I guess.

I need to have a word with my dad about the lies he told me when I was a kid now... Smiley Mad

Re: need some advice/opinion

Hey @wanderingwasp 

It sounds like you did the right thing, however for my brains sake, i would go back as soon as i can and talk to the manager to explain the situation and ensure the payment was made.

Re: need some advice/opinion

@wanderingwasp like the others have said it sounds like the only thing you really could have done save driving off without paying (which people do do!!). I would definitely be feeling anxious too, so maybe you could just pop back into the petrol station when you get the chance and ask if everything is all good? likely they won’t even remember or care about the incident so i’m sure you’re all good Smiley Happy