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panic attacks

ok so i just realised something i am supposed to be seeing my caseworker today and i cant do that i literally can never see this man again or i am going to loose my (i am not going to say that word) big time like i am actually freaking out big time like i only have like an hour i cant do this i really cant i cant this is not going to go well and i am about to start crying again but my eyes and so so so sore because i havent stopped crying for the last 3 days just about and oh god i really cant do this. 


Re: panic attacks



First, I know this is a tough situation for you but you must calm down. No need to stress yourself. God's going to help you get through this. I've noticed that when I stop and allow myself to think, my thoughts become clearer and my anxiety reduces. I hope that everything goes well. You can do this!

Re: panic attacks

Hey Eden1717
👋🏼 experienced panic attacker at your service
first of all, everything's going to be all good. I think by the time you get this message you may have already met with this caseworker. but if you ever feel like this again maybe you could try my little trick?
grab a sheet of paper and write down at the top on the left 'Control' on the right 'Can't Control'. write down a list on each side, the things you can control right now about this scenario, for example breathing is usually at the top of my list even when it feels out of my control it isn't! What can you do to avoid having this situation occur again? can you get a different caseworker? etc etc. write down as many on each side as possible.

you'll be surprised how many will be on the right, and i promise it'll bring you back out of that headspace at least initially. good luck, here if you need anything

Re: panic attacks

**sorry, surprised how many will be on the left. just woke up 😹

Re: panic attacks

Hey @Eden1717, how'd you go with getting to your appointment yesterday? I saw on one of your other threads that you might be able to change caseworkers which is awesome Smiley Happy feeling for you though - panic attacks suck

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Re: panic attacks

yeah it was pretty intense i am hoping i can have another caseworker.