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personality disorder..

Im new to all this for years ive hurt the people I love. I always feel beter about myself when im spending money I have a partner an 3 kids my partner an I are going through a hard time. Because of my spending habbits im always down feel worthless like everyone would be better off if I was gone the only thing stopping me is the kids.. im lost an dont know what to do im on meds an waiting to see a therapist does anyone else have a personality disorder an how did you cope an get through it any help please....

Re: personality disorder..

Hi @anna06 


What you're feeling is not uncommon but it looks like you're on the right path to ensuring you get the issue resolved. Have a look around the forum and you'll see lots of others with similar issues; some of the ways they've helped themselves or been helped by others might help you, too.


Also there are some great articles on the site that can help you build better coping skills. Although is typically targeted at younger people, I'm sure you'll find most of the advice quite relevant to helping you start to get a handle on what you're going through.


Re: personality disorder..

Hi anna06,


Lex is right, if you have a look around the website I'm sure you find something that relates what you are going through, as people are always willing to share their experiences here. 


With this in mind, here is some info about personality disorders that you might like to take a look at. 


Hope this helps,