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questioning gender, labels kinda suck

i’ve been questioning my gender for a little while. 

i am born female, which i have identified as up until this year, basically. but i don’t have any connection to it. i don’t feel like i participate(?) in gender and i have no want to. i kinda just want to be known as my name and not as a girl or anything else. is there a label for that? is that weird?

Re: questioning gender, labels kinda suck

Hey @birdhouse


Just letting you know that's perfectly normal! 😊

We all have varied feelings and most of us just keep them inside. Why do you feel as if it's weird?



Re: questioning gender, labels kinda suck

i guess because i don’t really know anyone who feels the same way. because usually i would talk to my friend about it but they’re going through stuff right now, so i don’t want to bother/worry them about it. it is comforting to know that it’s not weird though, thank you Smiley Happy

Re: questioning gender, labels kinda suck

@birdhouse Thanks for trusting us and sharing this with us.

As @Kokacola  said, it's not weird at all- it's a part of your journey. What got you here?

We can direct you towards some resources to help you find identity and label right for you- and an understanding community. Do you have anyone around you you can talk through things with aside from your mates?


Re: questioning gender, labels kinda suck

hey @birdhouse ! Questioning your gender identity is definitely, definitely not something to be ashamed about, or something that's weird. Questioning your gender identity is a normal part of growing up, and a lot of people have had the same sort of realisations that you mentioned in your post Smiley Happy


From what you've described feeling in your post, you might identify with being non-binary Smiley Happy Non-binary is a huge spectrum, with a lot of people identifying differently to it. Some people feeling like they identify with both genders, some feeling like they identify with neither, some people choose to present as a certain gender, but internally feel like they don't identify as either. For example, one of my friends is a non-binary person, who also identifies/presents as a transwoman. Gender is super complicated, and it can take some time to figure out what feels most comfortable to you!!

Re: questioning gender, labels kinda suck

Hi @birdhouse 


Another label might be agender!

It basically means you don't have a gender.


If you feel like you do have a gender but it just isn't male or female, non-binary might also fit. 

Re: questioning gender, labels kinda suck

hello @birdhouse, since you said you don't know anyone else who feels the same way, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that what you have said describes my exact experience with gender!

I used to feel gender dysphoria about dressing like my assigned gender and being seen that way. nowadays, I'm kind of over it, and I just try to dress to express myself, and whatever other people think, I don't care anymore. some of the labels I've used have been agender, genderless, gender neutral, genderfluid, nonbinary, genderqueer, trans, transmasculine... you could try some of those on for size Smiley Happy but for me, I honestly don't even want to participate in gender enough to choose any of those. does that make sense? So I just go labelless - that's an option too!

it's nice to meet you, best of luck! <3

Re: questioning gender, labels kinda suck

Hello! What you're experiencing is totally fine - there are a multitude of genders people identify as (some of which have already been mentioned in the previous posts). The pronouns people go with also varies, all of which are also valid, and from my personal experiences I've heard people go with any pronouns or they/them, just to name a few. Thank you for trusting us with this information, and good luck! Smiley Happy