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Re: "I'm fine"

@ma30n You can keep talking here on this thread, or you can make a new thread, whatever is easiest for you. You can pretty much do whatever you want Smiley Tongue ! You could even make a thread about something totally random!


Thank you for sharing! I can't imagine how tough that would be to work through, pretty draining i guess! So how do you deal with a compulsion? What do you do to recharge your batteries?






Re: "I'm fine"

at the moment all i can do, is try really hard to resist. i just do my my best to stay calm and not given and just wait for it to pass. i also do my best to distract myslef with a object or talking to someone. its exausting and i hate it. im currently working to convince my phsycologist (cant spell sorry) to allow me to take medacation for my angxity. i mostly recharge with music. you hardly ever see me with out headphones. im also a rockclimber and have been for 5/6 years. i love it! this sport has earned me the nickname brickwall XD. if its okay, i might share a piece of writing i did, lables.