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Re: "That" word, Tomorrow is the day


With me I take a few weeks to adjust the any news, we're going to support you through this journey okay! Also please make sure to support yourself during this journey and do some self-care. 

I'm glad that you find ReachOut a safe and comfortable place to talk Smiley Happy 


I think that's awesome you like Chalet Girl! I haven't watched it myself but now I want to! You should totally make a thread about movies that inspire you or have changed you! That's a great idea! 


Keep us updated on the NDIS situation please!

Re: "That" word, Tomorrow is the day



The NDIS situation has been post-phoned. There is something going on with other family at the moment that I don't know very much about right now.


I've been chilling out with video games recently, mainly Pinball FX3 cause there is a Rogue One mission pack. I will make that movie post later, I'll tag you in it when I make it


In all honesty, I'm in a better place than I was in 2014...I cringe reading my old posts from that year here.....I was such an arsehole then Smiley Tongue

Re: "That" word, Tomorrow is the day


Ah I see. Important to take care of family stuff and yourself first!
That's so cool they came out with a Rogue One mission pack! Are you excited for The Last Jedi? (This might be a silly question haha). I'm super excited for it.

Ah I think we can all relate, I cringe so hard when I read things that I wrote from years ago!

Re: "That" word, Tomorrow is the day


I am looking forward to The Last Jedi, I'm going on the opening night or anything like that. With The Force Awakens and Rogue One I went like 4 weeks after so the theatre was really quiet when I watched the movies. Star Wars helped me survive the 9th Grade.


I love movies but I hate the massive crowds, claustrophobic and I worry my fidgeting when I get nervous pisses everyone off.


Still coming to terms with the diagnosis, I'm starting to get annoyed with people who call it any of the following

-A Blessing

-A Gift

-A Good Thing

Seriously, how is a neurological disorder which causes me anxiety attacks, episodes of crying and high amounts of stress any of those things? I'm sorry but I have a hard time buying that.


I'm having fears of UNI again, my Facebook is showing me a bunch of those "On this Day" things and it's all me being jolly about getting into uni next year...I wish I could time travel and talk to my past self


I think I know one of my biggest problems now.....I dream to big. I've daydreamed about being a massive celebrity, loved by millions and with the power to inspire millions more...I want that life so bad....I've had so many dreams that I wanted but got depressed when I couldn't pursue them or had no chance of getting

Re: "That" word, Tomorrow is the day

Hey @MemphisBelle, I'm also looking forward to seeing The Last Jedi! I'm also happy to hear that Star Wars helped you survived through the 9th grade. Star Wars was a big part of my childhood (and still is today!). Smiley Happy

As for your concerns about fidgeting when you get nervous, don't feel that doing so pisses everyone off, I do that sometimes too (especially before an exam!), and usually when people notice this they do not get pissed off at all. Instead, they usually ask if I'm okay or if I need support to help calm down my nerves.

I also had once big dreams like you about wanting to be inspirational to millions of people (and I'm pretty sure there are tons of others like us who think that too!), and yeah, it does suck when we feel that we have little to no chance of pursuing them. That's why I usually start making small, realistic goals that are easy to achieve that hopefully can help guide me to achieve my big, ultimate goal.
Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: "That" word, Tomorrow is the day

Hey @MemphisBelle!

I really feel like movies can make a really big impact on our lives. I'm so glad to hear that Star Wars has had a positive effect on your life. 

I actually love going to the movies when it's quiet as well. There's something so relaxing about an empty movie theatre. 


Of course, it's something that you have to come to terms with in your own way and time. Ah I'm sorry to hear you've started getting annoyed by the people calling your diagnosis those things but I'm sure they meant it with well-intentions. I even find it hard to find the right things to say to people sometimes even though I have well-intentions Smiley Sad


Ah yes Facebook can be annoying when it does that. Do you think you can do some self-care to help your fears of uni?


Having dreams is a beautiful thing! I like to break them down into smaller goals so then it makes me happy when I achieve them. Do you think maybe this might help you in the future?

Re: "That" word, Tomorrow is the day


I had a VHS tape of The Phantom Menace that I would watch frequently, something about that scene where Obi-Wan OWNED Darth Maul pumped me up.


I know it might be well intentioned, but saying that after mentioning it makes me cry just feels a little odd. I finally told my boss about it, I don't think I'll be asked to do any more extra shifts anymore


I don't know about UNI stuff right now, I still have contacts for the head of the class....don't know if I should contact him or not.


Honestly I'm to scared to talk to anyone right now, I tried to talk to a few people but I fucked it up every single time. GAARRGGGHH I'm such an awkward fool....
"Oh are you??? everything all good??" EVERY.SINGLE.TIME Smiley Sad



Re: "That" word, Tomorrow is the day

Hey @MemphisBelle! Awesome to see another Star Wars fan here Smiley Very Happy gonna get the new BattleFront game by any chance? Personally, I much prefer the old SWBF2, but that could also be the nostalgia factor kicking it (and maybe the complete absence of microtransactions Smiley Tongue). 


Good on you for finding the courage to be able to tell people about your diagnosis! Hopefully your boss is understanding about your situation. Smiley Happy


In regards to contacting people about uni help, I'd say go for it! I know when I need help and need to talk to someone who I'm unfamiliar with, I rationalise it by telling myself that the best case scenario is that they actually provide the exact help I need and that the worst case scenario is that they ignore you, meaning that you won't be worse off by asking at the end of the day. Do you think that would help you?


So are you currently at uni or are you just about to start? I was also in the same situation in uni when making friends, considering I'm a bit of an introvert and find it hard to make worthwhile friends. I did, however, join a couple of societies and ended up making a friend or two since it's a good way to meet like-minded people. It's a small win, but a win nonetheless Smiley Tongue any uni societies that you'd potentially be interested in?

Re: "That" word, Tomorrow is the day


I'm not one for massively multiplayer games, I'm mostly enjoying Star Wars Pinball games on Steam, I loved the Pod Racer game on PS2 but sadly my PS2 died (it was a very old machine)


I haven't gone back yet, that won't be happening until February 2018. I did join some societies last year but I didn't have much fun with them, there was a lot of stuff that unsettled me about those events


The UNI is quite a distance from me and I rely on the bus service to get out there...that's another factor half of these groups met after the buses stopped running




Re: "That" word, Tomorrow is the day

Aw damn, that sucks @MemphisBelle Smiley Sad have you considered playing on an emulator? It's what I've done with some of my PS1 games and it's easy to set up. I've even purchased an adaptor for my controller to make it as immersive as possible. Smiley Tongue


Yeah, I'll admit it's pretty hard to find a society you genuinely enjoy. Feel like talking about what made you feel unsettled about the events they hosted?