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relationship issues

i dont know what to do, my relationships are falling apart at home, school and work. i dont trust anyyone anymore, theres nobody that can help me. my boss and i have a private relationship at the moment coz hes a lot older than me and nobody knows about him but im paranoid of everything and everyone and im sure hes just using me and it hurts me coz i genuinely really like him. my parents keep going off at me for loosing friends and being dumb. they keep putting an immense amount of pressure on me to perform well in school but i just cant concentrate on school coz im worrying about everything else. i have no close friends at the moment to tell this to, i guess i just needed someone to listen to me.

Re: relationship issues

Hey @stuck

I'm sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time. Losing trust between friends and family can be hard. Over here is a thread from one of our Builders about building and regaining trust. Do you think that's something you'd be willing to try? 

My parents get annoyed at me too in regards to friendships, it's hard to keep and lose friendships but harder when there are other people like parents pushing you. Are you able to talk to your parents about how your feeling? 


Have you ever spoken to a counsellor about how you feel? I know most schools have guidance counsellors who you can talk to. They might be able to help you find strategies to work through school and your parents. 


We are definitely here to listen to you Smiley Happy Let us know how you go. 

Re: relationship issues

Hey @stuck I'm with @N1ghtW1ng. You sound like you're going through a lot right now and have a lot of different things to prioritise. That must feel really overwhelming.


Have you been able to speak with anyone IRL about the stress you're going through? 


Keeping secrets (like a private relationship) can be super stressful so it's important you take care of yourself during this time. I can kinda relate having been in a relationship with someone I knew didn't want to be with me as much as I wanted to be with them. I remember how painful it was going through that and just wanting things to be equal and loving from both sides.


Please remember that you're not alone, that we at ReachOut care about you and can help you connect with help that's out there for you. The Getting Help page is a good place to start if you feel that some professional help could benefit you.

Take care,

Re: relationship issues

Hey @stuck! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Have you tried talking to your parents about your stress? Keepong a relationship secret isn't easy but I understand what it is like. It definitely takes up a lot of thinking time in your head, so its understandable why you are struggling to balance things at the moment. Try talking to your parents and see how you go. 


I'm happy to listen always, and I hope things improve for you. Check in soon Smiley Happy