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Re: relationship stress

@meesha ouch, that's definitely some rough timing! Smiley Sad


She certainly appears to be 'beating around the bush' which sucks. Maybe it'd be best to just give yourselves some space from each other for a while? Because I'm thinking that if she's obviously not wanting to discuss things then pushing the subject might make things worse.


Also given that it's bringing up (totally understandable) feelings of rejection I reckon it'd be good to try and focus on yourself for a little bit. Have you got any hobbies you enjoy?

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Re: relationship stress

@lokifishThanks for the response. 


She certainly does. that perfectly explains who she is when it comes to this topic. Yeah so I ended replying to her in a way which would give ourselves some space.. She probably didn't want that and I feel like I might be letting her go... but yeah at this point of time its the best thing to do I guess.


Yeah so I've been thinking about this pretty much all day and all night. It would be best for me to try and stay away from this issue.. because not just relationship I am pretty much stuck in basically every other aspects of my life. So I am thinking I should focus on those more. look for ways to improve myself and keep myself busy.


So If I am never going to be loved from someone I love, at least It'll make me a better person in general which would be somewhat permanent as opposed to try and having people in life who are obviously temporary/not going to be there forever .

Re: relationship stress

@meesha I think trying to focus on yourself and keep yourself busy is an effective way forward.


But I wouldn't say that means you're never going to be loved by someone you love. I know it's a cliché, but you really do never know what's around the corner. While you're focusing on yourself, you might meet someone else!


Please let us know how you go with all of this! Smiley Happy

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Re: relationship stress

Thanks @letitgo  I appreciate that Smiley Happy


Yes I do agree, you never know. even I met this girl so unexpectedly. Although I'd never want to let her go I feel tired of all of this. I just hope I'll be able to improve myself and everything will be okay oneday. 

I sure will let you know Smiley Happy

Re: relationship stress

Hey @meesha, I feel like everyone else has said what I wanted to say, but I wanted to say as well that I think you've got a really positive mindset about this whole situation, and this one interaction doesn't define your ability to meet and/or develop relationships with people (or any other aspect of your personality).


Hope all goes well Smiley Happy

Re: relationship stress

Thanks @safari93 , appreciate those words Smiley Happy

Yes I definitely agree this doesn't define it. Its just that this experience pretty much sums up the experiences I've had so far in my life. all of them have been more or less similar to this and I am just tired of going through the same thing again and again and again. :/  my life seems pretty uncertain at the moment and it stresses me out. but yeah despite all of that I'll just try and try and stay positive and hope for the best Smiley Happy 

Re: relationship stress

hey @meesha,

sorry about the late reply - I haven't been on for a while as things have gotten busier



how have you been lately?

Re: relationship stress

Hey @meesha! After reading this thread I just wanted to add that I think you are really brave for following your heart, and I'm sorry that you've been hurt by it Smiley Sad It's a shame things didn't work out that way you wanted, but perhaps it has saved you more heartache because whether or not this girl has a boyfriend or not, she seems to be a bit flaky and unsure of what she wants, and I think you deserve to be with someone who is committed to seeing where a relationship with you could go, and values spending time with you Smiley Happy Do you think you'll keep seeing her in group contexts? How are you feeling about this?


Re: relationship stress

hey @cupcakes_032

so sorry that I couldn't get back to you. I was away and completely missed those messages. 


Actually I came to the forums now to make another thread just to share how I feel, but yeah anyway so I don't feel that good. My academic side is so pathetic and its giving me so much stress, financially I am struggling big time, can't seem to score a permanent part time job, mentally I am struggling with all this and all I was looking from this relationship was bit of happiness but it didn't work out either as you know. So this sums up my life at the moment... Smiley Sad

Re: relationship stress

 hey @Autumn23

Thank you for your message, appreciate it! Smiley Happy and sorry for the late response!
Yes she definitely seems to be flaky and that actually bothers me. I mean it makes me to rethink about this situation. but at the end of the day none of us are perfect, I am sure she has her own reasons. at the very first time when I asked her out, her response was she has lot going on and she can't get in to a relationship and she said she was sorry about for not accepting my request. So she may have her own reasons and all these uncertain responses could be due to she just wants to be nice to me although she don't want anything more than friendship, at least for now. That's what I could interpret from this whole situation. 

Well, yeah if I want to I could ignore seeing her in group contexts. but I am not sure, I would rather see her than not seeing her at all Smiley Sad It feels pretty bad, especially when I have lot other stuff going on, this only adds to that stress. It would have been amazing to have someone next to me at this time of my life. but you can't always have what you want and what can I do, that's just life Smiley Sad