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Re: removed

Hey there @Hontez 


Everything okay?


What are your plans for today?


Re: removed

Hi, I removed the post because I thought no-one cared.  Also I was concerned that what I was saying was too deep for these forums and would've been removed or something. So I premptively did it.  You will find out why.


I'm not going good at all.

Spent  a few nights ago on lifeline.

I feel lonely and I feel worthless and anything I try to do is some how wrong.

a few nights ago, I felt like I didn't belong anywhere so whats the point, you know?

I'm not thinking about 'you know' ( I dislike uttering the words 'suicide' because with my past experience it seems that If I say it suddenly people care( not about helping me fully but just helping me not kill myself).  I still feel like crap though, just clarifying I'm not considering killing myself anymore)..


 Also I deleted the post because I thought people were fed up with me constantly posting on these forums because I seem to be posting every week.


My plans are to wait untill I move to canberra really. Which is only like three days away.

Thanks for showing interest.  Hontez.




Re: removed

Hey @Hontez I'm really glad you came back and let us know how you are. You don't ever need to apologise or feel worried about posting too much or too deeply here on Reach Out. We know what it's like to be in a bad place and we don't offer judgement, only encouragement and support. Nothing you wrote breached our community guidelines either, which are here if you want to check them out.


It sounds like the move to the ACT is going to open up a lot more opportunities for you, both in terms of mental health support and your studies. Transition periods can be tough, so feel free to lean on crisis services like Lifeline or the Suicide Call Back Service if you find yourself in without a counsellor during the move.


What are you doing to keep yourself safe and keep your mind occupied at the moment?


Re: removed

Atm, Don't know really.


Anything. Little things that happen in the day. Nothing Major.

one minute I might be browsing youtube.

activating, deactiviating my fb account.

fiddling with my guitar.


to keep my self safe?

Going for walks


Re: removed

Oh you play guitar? That's really cool! Music can be a great distraction and a therapy in it's own right Smiley Happy


You might like our muso thread What Are You Listening To Right Now?


Re: removed

How are you @Hontez ?  I'm sorry to hear that you're in a rough patch right now! Remember that it will pass. 


What are you most looking forward to about moving to Canberra?


By the way, if you feel like posting something, then don't hesitate.  We're all here to listen and support you and it doesn't bother us in the least!

Re: removed

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and do more activites seeing as there will be alot more to do. 

Hopefully I can get a job too, then I would be set with everything.

It's hard to get a job atm in rural NSW because there are basically no opportunities whatsoever.

Also I still need to get my P's even though I'm 18 lol, but that shouldn't be too hard ;p

Those three things should be enough to keep me occupied lol.


You're right though EllebBelle, transition periods can be a bit tough because you kind of want the things I discussed just above as soon as possible. But at the same time you're kind of stuck and can't really do anything but wait it out.


Re: removed

@Hontez  That's awesome, I'm glad to hear you've got some goals and some things to look forward to.  Keep some of these little goals in mind when things start seeming tough and remember that these transition periods don't last forever


Re: removed

Hey @Hontez - so glad you decided to re-post. We're here for you and will never be tired of hearing you reach out for help.

You're stronger than you realise - you are looking for solutions - here and lifeline and lastly in your move to canberra.

It's not easy to reach out. Hope to keep hearing from you

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