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scream-mode on

@Erin-RO it should have its own thread. 

I have three assignments due in two weeks and another the week after (basically four in two weeks) and I have spent four or so days trying to start AT LEAST one and the most I've gotten is opening up the task description for one and some examples. It's more of a nonchalant(is that right?) issue.

Mainly my neighbourhood is so freaking loud. "Swear" word included to demonstrate that it's not just loud, but frustratingly so. First problem are the stupid ass neighbours directly outside my window who are basically idiots(probably not but whatever) who drive loudly, do shit in their front yard and against our fence, set the dogs off ALL THE TIME also talk really loudly and annoyingly. So they set me off and the dogs off which set me off even more. 


I've kind of moved on from scream mode but I can feel screams in my chest but screaming isn't good so I don't (even though I really want to) and just aughr. 


Basically, the "things" that are difficult are trying to do my four assignments and dealing with the stupid noise of my neighbourhood. Plus the music I was listening to did not help calm me so that was kind of sucky too. *cries*

Re: scream-mode on

I kind of feel like with all those distractions I'd feel just as frustrated as you @N1ghtW1ng


I just read through the article you posted in the other thread and it's very interesting! I know that I can suffer from what I like to call a "procrastination situation" before an assignments due and I HAVE to make myself plan it out and break it down into smaller chunks to get it done... The article had some good suggestions on how to manage executive dysfunction... 


I wonder if anyone else has felt the same @mrmusic @scared01 @redhead @Brendos94 @Tdozer and how have you managed it???



Re: scream-mode on

Hey @N1ghtW1ng, I agree with @Erin-RO, that must be so frustrating with all those distractions! I find that working my assignments in the library can help as it's quiet with little to no distractions. Plus, since most other people who are also there are studying as well, they can somewhat "motivate" me to work on my assignments (does that makes sense?). Do you think this might help? Since it's the Easter long weekend now, I don't think any library is open unfortunately, but maybe you could try working on assignments in a library next week?
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Re: scream-mode on

*frustrated screaming*