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should i decide or just wuss out

i like this guy he so rude to me some times... he do know how i feel some times he nice to me to i'm to scared to ask him out it's like he already rejecting me i just feel so upset i just wish i did not feel this way he just started telling people that he was gay this year he decide to come out to every one i support him to the fullest i feel so special just talking to him i know his name really well now it's Garrett he just so hot people don't take him for a gay guy cause of his look's i just don't even understand that i just wanna be the one that get's to spend the rest of my life with him i really don't wanna lose his heart not now or ever it's already hard for me to talk about my feelings to others cause i know other people would not even get it i still don't wanna be in the friends zone we are hanging out tomorrow maybe i won't wuss out this time should i even be the first to ask or should i wait i'm completely lost how could it have come down to this i just feel like its either losing him or just regrets i really could use some advice

Re: should i decide or just wuss out

@nathanxalex , man it can be majorly nerve-wracking asking someone out! If you go ahead and ask at least then you'll know how you feel about eachother. Whatever he says, hopefully you can stay friends after! On the other hand, depending on how well you know eachother, it might be better to get to know him more first Smiley Happy and that way you might be more confident when you do ask him out! Either way, remember a rejection is not the end of the world Smiley Happy Good luck!

Re: should i decide or just wuss out

hey there @nathanxalex 


thanks for sharing your story with us. i think it's really great that you were able to come on to the forums and talk about how you're feeling


if you are attracted to someone and considering a relationship with them, it's important to spend some time getting to know them to see if you’re compatible. the more time you spend together, the more you are able to learn about each other and then figure out if a relationship is right for both of you. the RO website has some great information on this. click here to read it.


if you have already spent some time with this guy, and you feel comfortable and trust him, then maybe you should just talk to him directly about your feelings? you could do this when you see him tomorrow, or even over the phone if you're a bit nervous. talking about the situation first can be useful because that way you can see how he feels before "officially" making a move....


have you spoken to any of your friends about the situation? they might be able to provide you with some further advice if they know both you and this guy you're interested in Smiley Happy


let us know what you decide to do. we look forward to hearing more from you!


Re: should i decide or just wuss out

yes i talk to him about it he says he not ready for a relationship he says that he would like it if we could stay close friends for now he will think of changing his mind when he have fully come  out to every one. . . about his sexuality

Re: should i decide or just wuss out



it's great that he was able to be clear about his stance on getting into a relationship at this point in his life. he sounds like someone who is very self aware. maybe just give him some time to sort things out in his personal life and then revisit the topic in 6 or so months?


if you're meant to be then you will Smiley Happy