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sick of feeling triggered

I remember a few days, I was scrolling down my facebook, and I came across something, and I began to feel frustrated, angry, bitter and ashamed of myself. I realised that I have unresolved issues that I've been trying to ignore, because I'm afraid of what will happen if I faced them. I just got my mood swings under control, and I haven't felt this stable for so long. I don't want to ruin that. While anxiety may not directly cause my mood swings, it can definitely worsen it. 


But then I guess I can't really avoid everything that triggers unwanted memories. I'm tired of feeling angry, helpless, scared and ashamed. I've tried to hard to forget, and tried avoid whatever could remind me of the pain. I can barely talk about it, I can barely write out the words. Because talking or writing can make it all feel so real. 

Re: sick of feeling triggered

Hey @Creativegirl12 this all sounds hard. What about talking through this with someone? I'm not sure what else to suggest because I avoid facebook because I get triggered, and I'm also at the point where I have to say goodbye to RO because it's triggering me.


Re: sick of feeling triggered

Hey @Creativegirl12,


It's been a while since we've spoken.


I can completely understand how hard it must be to be triggered by something on Facebook (or any social media!) I'm glad to hear that your mood has improved and that you feel supported and stable.


I agree, have you spoken with someone about the kinds of things that seem to trigger these feelings? 


We are here for you,



Re: sick of feeling triggered

@loves netball sorry to hear you've been feeling triggered on here, it can be hard at times, especially when you're in a vulnerable position. I just don't think I can keep avoiding all my triggers for the rest of my life, I need to come in terms with it all one day, I just don't know how to.

@Lahna I've spoken to people I'm close to about these feelings. But I find it really awkward and uncomfortable, I haven't spoken about it a great deal. i know I should talk about it, but I'm struggling to find the words.

Re: sick of feeling triggered

Do you think writing down what you want to talk about these feelings? It can be easier to talk about things after you've written them down.

Re: sick of feeling triggered

@N1ghtW1ng I could definitely try that. 

Re: sick of feeling triggered

@Creativegirl12 Just wanted to check in and say I hope you're doing okay! Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: sick of feeling triggered

I guesss I'm getting through it @letitgo. But thanks for asking Smiley Happy.