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spouses of drug addicts

Heavy subject I know..but honestly I just want 2 reach out 2 any one in the the same boat..so2 speak. I'm tired of not having a friend who understands wot I'm going thru

Re: spouses of drug addicts

I can't b the only person in aus to not feel pathetically sorry for our 'fallen' spouses. I've been with my boyfriend/spouse 4 nearly 9 years n we have 3 kids 2 gether. I feel so alone like im the only person who's been promised a life of happiness wen they give it up in my case (he loves heroin) more then me n the Children. Always available if any one wants 2 chat.  There's not enough wen it comes 2 subjects like these

Re: spouses of drug addicts

Hey @shaz91,

Welcome to ReachOut. I'm glad you found us, we're here to listen when you need it! You sound really lonely, like you've been trying to keep your family together for a long time. You must be super strong to have kept it together for so long!

Loving someone with an addiction can be really hard. It doesn't just affect them, it can affect the whole family. I've had a few friends and loved ones on that path, it can be really hard to maintain a relationship with someone who is putting their addiction first.


Do you have anyone like a family member or close friend who you can talk to and lean on?


By the way, I hope you don't mind, I moved your post into this section as the Hanging Out section is for the lighter stuff. That way if you or anyone else ever needs to just hang out and play a game, you can head over there and know there won't be anything too heavy. Smiley Happy


I hope you stick around! If you like, you can introduce yourself over here.






Re: spouses of drug addicts

I keep my life mostly secret, ashamed of how people will react to the truth of my life..only my dad and mum know also my neighbour who's practically an auntie 2 me but I hate to worry and bother causes more trouble then what venting my grievances are worth half the time. Finding this site I was hoping to find at some one who could understand but I'm not sure this site can help me sadly enough Smiley Sad

Re: spouses of drug addicts

Hi @shaz91 and welcome to Reach Out! Smiley Happy


As @blithe mentioned, we're here to offer support and to listen whenever you need. I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel like you were able to find someone on RO who understands exactly what you're going through, but we might be able to point you in the right direction to find the support you're looking for though. Counselling Online is a really good service which lets you communicate with a professional counsellor about alcohol or drug related issues. 


You're always welcome here on RO, so please feel free to chat any time you feel like venting or discussing anything you like.