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i am currently in yr11 @ high school doing top classes and i am suffering from bad anxiety. 

i stress all the time, a lot of the time without even noticing. 

i am going to the school counselor but i dont know how much it is helping

i just stress about school work, study, tests/assessments, and time... having enough time to get stuff done

i always want to accomplish everything in one day and i get really disappointed in myself when i dont

i let everything get on top of me

to make things worse, my great granddad died today and i failed my driving test in an automatic which apparently is the cheats way so i am very disappointed


i hate this... coming to school, getting work and study and pressure and stress, going home and doing it all night and weekend, and then going back to feel like youve achieved nothing and then getting more


i dont know what will help but if any one has any ideas, im all ears

Re: stress, life, sad, ahh

Hi there!

Its hard to give any advise when I dont know all the details. But everything will be okay in the end. Do your best and be happy with that /can I say its only High School afterall? Smiley Happy. Ask for help from friends and class mates if you need any help with any assessments/tests.


I do have a tip I would like to give:


Discover what is the best way for you to learn. Efficiency is key when I study for exams. I use to just read text books and notes but after I read everything I felt like I didnt learn anything.


So I changed my methods. Whenever I read a paragraph instead of writing it as a concised note I would write it in question form. Then at the end I would have a bunch of questions and I go through the questions and test if I know the answer.


Then at the end I would write questions that summarise the whole topic. Eg "List all the different classes of medications used for Cardic Infarction and why are they used?"


Dont worry about failing your driving test. See it as a good thing. That you are not ready yet. Keep practising and get better at it. You will get there.


My condolences.


Take care.

Re: stress, life, sad, ahh

hey @012EmC 

Im really sorry to hear about your great grandad passing away

It sucks losing family, i guess the main point of advice there is I suppose you have to try and focus on the good things like being able to have known them - being a great grandparent is quite an accomplishment!


How many times have you seen the school counsellor? You dont feel like its making much of a difference? You can always try another counsellor, either by chatting to your doctor or visiting your nearest headspace center. You can also chat to counsellors online or on the phone at Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800) if you like


The end of highschool is stressful with exams and life things like learning to drive ! I failed my automatic test twice! (My friend failed seven times!!!! and is now a safe competent driver!) dont be too hard on yourself! its a lot to do and learn in a semi short time


Make sure you make time for you in between all that studying!

Doug has some stress strategies for a healthy body, calm mind and organised life and there is some info here on beating exam and study stress


What do you think about talking to some other counsellors or even telling your current counsellor that you arent seeing any improvement?



Re: stress, life, sad, ahh

hey @012EmC - good on you for reaching out here, sounds like you are in need to a bit of support and that's what we are here for! I'm also sorry for your loss, and hope that you and your family are supporting each other through this difficult ime.The others have given you some good ideas to think about, and I agree if you don't feel like the school counselor is helping it might be that you need to think about talking to someone else - it's quite common to not like the first or second counselor you talk to (you don't always like the hairdresser either, so you find a new one).


I just wanted to ask you to not be so hard on yourself, and treat yourself like you treat you friends - be encouraging, be kind to yourself and celebrate your acheivements. Here's a story that a guy called Doug wrote for us about managing stress, I thought it might be helpful for you- or maybe these tips about how to worry less.


Hope to keep seeing you around

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