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telling your psych about something embarrassing

how do you tell your psych about something SUPER SUPER embarrassing like something you would never tell anyone. only the only reason you feel you need to tell them is because it is a huge problem and could get you into trouble....? 

Re: telling your psych about something embarrassing

@Eden1717 thank you for reaching out with this Smiley Happy
Can you elaborate a little more about why this thing would get you into trouble?

For me when I find it difficult to tell my psych things I write them down and send them as an email, or I hand them to her in session. Is this something you could do?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: telling your psych about something embarrassing

Hi @Eden1717
I think that's a really good thing that you are thinking about telling your psych.
The good thing is that psychologists are taught to be non-judgemental and professional. They are someone you can confide to, psychologists have people telling them so many things from secrets to certain situations.
Do you think telling them will make you feel better? Do you trust them and feel comfortable to tell them?

Re: telling your psych about something embarrassing

@Bee it is just something that could get risky if it gets out of hand. i mean maybe i could write it down but i would still be mortified if they found out. 

@missep i trust them but i am just like it would be so awkward and uncomfortable it would make me feel horrible. 

Re: telling your psych about something embarrassing

Hey @Eden1717 , I agree with the others and think it is really good and brave of you to be considering telling your psych! Smiley Happy
As @missep mentioned, psychologists are non-judgmental at all, they are there to listen and want to help you in any way they can. Anything at all you tell them is very confidential, unless of course they think you are at serious risk of harm. But as @Bee has mentioned, writing it down is a great way to tell them and you could email them so that they could read it without you there if that would help make telling them a bit easier.
They will not tell anyone and I can say from my past experiences, I found I was more surprised every time I had told my psych something embarrassing or something risky I thought they would judge me, see me differently or I would get in trouble but none of that happened at all! They were so supportive and made me feel like there was nothing to be ashamed of every time! And it felt so much better to finally have told someone
Do you think trying to email them might help?

Re: telling your psych about something embarrassing

@Eden1717 that makes sense. It's okay to feel scared about telling them, it can be challenging to share embarrassing things - even with a psych! It's great you trust them though, do you think that is part of why you want to tell them? Or that it makes it trickier to tell them?
My psych was telling me a while ago that sometimes when we build up that trusting relationship with a health professional it can be hard to tell them some things as we want to keep the relationship feeling positive and supportive; I know for me it made sense as I'd always noticed a difference in relationships with people around me when I told them something more intimate. And this is where what @missep was saying about psychologists being non-judgemental is really helpful Smiley Happy

Like @Puppies026 I have shared some things with my psychologist where I've felt embarrassed or scared to bring up in fear of it changing the relationship or being so embarrassing that I couldn't cope with it, and what I found was that my psychologist sat there in that feeling with me, and supported me through it. Sure it felt awkward at the moment but I remember feeling okay about it in the end because I was supported and I wasn't treated differently because of it. And I've had times where when I've been really scared to bring it up, my psych has acknowledged that and mentioned how proud she was of me for how I got through it. Which then made it easier next time there was something I wanted to talk about but felt a little hesitant about.

I hope this helps Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: telling your psych about something embarrassing

Hi @Eden1717
How have you been going?
I thought I would check in on you Smiley Happy
I also wanted to mention that it's super normal to have those fears and concerns when you have something important but scary to tell the psychologist. If you're seeing a good psychologist they're taught to be non-bias and be there for you, if it's something that is bothering you then they are there to help you work through this. Would you feel better if you told the psych? Often psychologists are amazing at not showing their reaction!