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tired (tw)

Struggling to go on lately. I know I’m not allowed to die so I’m not going to kill myself but it’s still all I want to do. It’s so difficult to force myself out of bed in the mornings. 


There’s a family situation that’s making me really scared and stressed all the time, idk if I’m doing the right thing and idk what’s going to happen and I wish I could just get away from here and I can’t. 


I’m doing all my DBT stuff, mindfulness everyday this week and did TIP skill earlier today but it didn’t help. My psychologist says I have to learn to take care of myself before I can take care of my family and I don’t know how and don’t think I ever will.


Please just tell me that one day there’ll be some peace. 

Re: tired (tw)

@DruidChild well done on trying so many different distractions and coping mechanisms daily! That shows true commitment and strength!

Sometimes we can cycle through all of our coping mechanisms and still feel crappy, which I know isn't very helpful when we are struggling! I wonder if you know what you need right now?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: tired (tw)

Hey @DruidChild, thanks for taking the time to write that all out and for having the bravery to speak about how you're feeling. Sometimes talking about an issue is helpful in itself, and reaching out is one of the best things that you can do Smiley Happy We are all here for you. 


You've said some things about feeling like you might want to hurt yourself, so I'm just going to pop some emergency numbers here so that you know that there are people who can give you 24/7, real-time support if you need it. 


Lifeline, all ages, 24/7: 13 11 14, with an online chat option from 7pm-12am AEST

Kids helpline, ages 5-25, 24/7: 1800 55 1800, with an online chat option from 8am-12am AEST

Suicide Call Back Service, ages 15+, 24/7:  1300 659 467, with a 24/7 online chat service. 


I hope this helps! It may be worth taking a screenshot of this info, or putting the Urgent Help link from ReachOut (which also has this info) into your phone. The link is here Smiley Happy


How are you feeling at the moment? I know you said that you're having trouble with your family. Is there anything that you can do which helps in moments like this?


Let me know how it all goes, sending all my positive vibes your way Smiley Happy 


Re: tired (tw)

Thank you @Bee Smiley Very Happy Heart Honestly what I think I need is a break from everything, but that’s not something I’d ever be able to have. I made dinner so maybe some food will make me feel better? 


Thanks @basketofmonkeys, it’s always good to have those phone numbers close by. I feel really hopeless. I try so hard to be a good daughter and sister but I’m so scared and stressed and I don’t know what I’m doing. 


Re: tired (tw)

Hey @DruidChild, that's no worries at all Smiley Happy sometimes knowing that help is available is one of the strongest tools you can have Smiley Happy

I know that families can sometimes be difficult, and even though they often don't mean to, they can sometimes get in the way of someone's journey to mental health. I know you just said that you're focusing on trying to be a good daughter and a good sister, but I'd just like to give you a friendly reminder that if you're doing makes you happy, and you're living healthily and well, then that should always be the top priority Smiley Happy Sending you heaps of virtual hugs during this time and I hope you know that there are plenty of people on RO who are here for you Smiley Happy

Re: tired (tw)

Thanks for the reminder @basketofmonkeys Smiley Happy It’s difficult because I’m caring for people at the moment. And because nothing makes me happy and honestly I don’t know how to be happy or how to have a good or healthy life Smiley Sad I see my psychologist next week though so hopefully she can give me some more advice on surviving the present. 

Re: tired (tw)

Hi @DruidChild, sorry that things seem so tough at the moment. We're really proud of you for persevering despite everything that's happening. Heart


It can be really draining caring for people, and it's really important to keep looking after yourself. It's really hard when your usual coping mechanisms don't seem to work, but well done for using them. I see you mentioned that you need a break from everything - is there anything you can do, just for yourself, that can give you a small break, even for 5 minutes or so?


You're doing really well, hang in there. Heart

Re: tired (tw)

hey @DruidChild how are you going today?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: tired (tw)

Hey @DruidChild, that's no worries at all. I hope you found your psychologist appointment to be helpful, and I hope you have a wonderful day today Smiley Happy

Re: tired (tw)

Hey @DruidChild, how has everything been going for you recently? Did you end up seeing your psych this week? thinking of you xx Heart

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