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Re: trigger

You should be so proud of that you've achieved @redhead. I guess now you also have the heads up that this anniversary might be hard again next year so you could maybe plan in advance with your therapist about ways to manage that.

Wonderful to hear you say you want to look to your future and devote yourself to your friends, studies, and therapy this year.

Sounds like some great plans!

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Re: trigger

Hey @redhead,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop, you must feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders! Smiley Happy Well done. It takes huge amounts of courage to seek help when you don't feel like you want it. I'm so pleased to hear that you are safe, and that you accepted the help that was given to you. 

Hearing how ready you are to take on the new year is great, this sentence in your post really stood out to me as being characteristic of that, "I want to look to my future and devote myself to my friends, my studies, and to therapy this year." Well done Smiley Happy


Do you think that in future you will view the anniversary of "the date" as a momento of how strong you are, and how you can get through absolutely anthing at all?


I'm so glad that you've found the forums (and us) helpful, please keep us updated with how you are going.




Re: trigger

Hey @redhead Smiley Happy


I just wanted you to know proud I am  of you for talking to your therapist about the date/trigger and that you accepted the help offered to you. That is an enormous step forward and even more so that you want to make this year about therapy, friends and getting well! 


I told ya you could do this, I still believe it and I'll keep saying it. You're a fighter and you can do anything you put your mind too @redhead


We are most certainly your friends here at RO and I consider you a friend as well, I'm sure everyone else does too Smiley Happy




Re: trigger

Glad to hear that you are ok, @redhead. You're a valued member of this community who has helped so many people. We love having you here. <3