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Re: tw: bye ?

thank you darling Heart @annabethxchase

i just don’t understand why everything’s suddenly declined very badly over the last 2 weeks, what is wrong with me ? erghh, really need a distraction, thoughts are so overwhelming 

Re: tw: bye ?

I don't know either @litgym but even though it it has, you've handled it beautifully Smiley Happy Ok I'll ask you some questions (pay you back from the other day Smiley Happy )
1. do you like painting?
2. fav singer OTHER THAN KESHA
3. fav movie OTHER THAN KESHA
4. fav day of the week?
5. Do you like coconuts?
6. Are you a perfectionist?

Re: tw: bye ?

1. it’s alright, depends on what the topic and style is but if it’s free painting than yes

2. hahahah more like bands but Panic ! At the Disco, Paramore, Halsey and Alt-J, i think I’m missing one....

3. titanic, la la land, open season 2 and mamma miaSmiley Happy

4. fav day of the week ?? eekkk well if it was from my timetable from last year probably monday or Thursday...honestly every single day sucks !

5. i can’t even smell coconut scented things it makes me feel very sick 

6. when it comes to gymnastics haha i am. ill be “D the mat isn’t straight !” “Yes it is litgym” “fine I’ll do it myself” every equipment has to be perfect 

Re: tw: bye ?

Awesome @litgym Smiley Happy Same here with the coconut, it gives me rashes (sunscreen) and I always get sick :/
ahahaha you sound like me, 'nope this isn't straight' *friends looks at me helplessly

1. do you like pasta
2. what's the 1st thing you notice about a person
3. if you could meet anyone (alive or dead) who would it be - if you put kesha i swear.....
4. do you beleive in reincarnation
5. if you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Re: tw: bye ?

1. yes pasta is lovely but no tomato sauce stuff since i can’t eat anything with tomato shit on/with it

2. the first thing i notice....i think now every since mental health has been a huge part of my life, it’s definitely the personality of the person Smiley Happy

3. soon as i read i was like kesha !!!! but then i saw your part of kesha hehe. if would have to you guys and my beautiful khl counsellor!!! ooo and jessica marais !!

4. yes i do. im an old soul, once i told my y5/6 teacher and he said “I know”. my mum said when she first saw me she knew i was an old soul.

5. uhhhhh, pizza ? uh don’t really like much food hehe

Re: tw: bye ?

BAHAHAHA 'tomato shit'

Does this scare you @litgym?

download (2).jfif

I agree with ya on #2 

I have to go but I'll be back in 1/2 hour hang in there Smiley Happy

Re: tw: bye ?

BAHAHHAHAH @annabethxchase

Re: tw: bye ?

Hehe @litgym
1. fav season?
2. if you had to be one fictional character who would it be?
3. last photo you took?
4. scariest film you've ever seen
5. the loudest thing you've ever heard?

Re: tw: bye ?

1. winter !!!!!!!

2. uhhh i don’t really read hahah and still can’t tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction...

3. ill put it down below

4. flatliners but it was also really good !

5. ooo god umm probably someone dropping something next to me which makes my anxiety increase 23DA269F-EE9E-468B-B5DD-E4AF4B0D83E5.jpeg




Re: tw: bye ?

OK time for a lesson:
Fiction: Make Believe, Fantasy, Not true
Non-Fiction: Basically the boring stuff

I'm stumped now lol
How are ya goin now?