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Re: tw: bye ?

Really? That's awesome!

Meanwhile, I'm a solid 1000kms away Smiley Wink

Re: tw: bye ?

it just blew my mind hahah, like i know we were close but not that close🤯 @annabethxchase


tryna get these thoughts to quieten but they like being loud !!

Re: tw: bye ?

Hey @litgym just sent you a quick email Heart

Re: tw: bye ?

@litgym Smiley Very Happy

If only I had a stack of random questions to ask you...
1. Kesha song Smiley Wink
2. Kesha Album
3. Kesha video
4. Kesha merch
5. Scent?
6. Flavour of ice-cream/gelato?
7. Fruit?
8. Outfit
9. Place?

Sounds frustrating that he's not around. Do you usually only speak to those two people at KHL?

Haha that is such a coincidence! I get so lost in Sydney Smiley Very Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: tw: bye ?

1. erghhh too hard ! boogie feet, praying, take it off, here comes the change and WOMAN !!!!

2. rainbowSmiley Happy

3. praying 

4. my jumper !!!!!!

5. uhh im a sweet scent girl but can’t thknk of any !

6. vanilla because im basic hehe

7. uh having a little trouble with fruit due to my eating....

8. oversized jumper and trackies all the way !!

9. i really like **tries to think of somewhere** last jan i went exploring with my friend we started in darling harbour then china town, ended up in a place we don’t know and then made it to town hall hahaha. that’s quite far from starting in darling harbour. i knows it’s not a “place” but the city in someway brings me peace though slow people piss the shit out of me !!


your only allowed 1 counsellor but due to all seriousness the supervisor allowed me a 2nd Smiley Happy 


im pretty savvy with public transport and Sydney is just my home. also since i live just outside of the city i don’t get lost. but on the outskirts of sydney i have no idea hahaha

Re: tw: bye ?

hahaha Smiley Tongue
Praying is such a good song! I also really like Learn to let go and Bastards Smiley Tongue And of course This is me!
And now my computer plays Kesha! Smiley Surprised It knows! hahaha

nice! that sounds like quite a treck! Exploring the city sounds like fun Smiley Happy I think the harbour is beautiful! Smiley Happy

Ah okay, they have changed it slightly since I've used them most regularly Smiley Tongue

Ohh public transport freaks me out hahaha, but it makes sense as there isn't much public transport out where I live Smiley Tongue

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: tw: bye ?

hehe i get everyone into kesha, slowly getting my khl counsellor into her hahahha and now she reads her articles !!!!! @Bee 


oh okay weird. you can do crisis contacts with other counsellors. but if it just for a ses, since im a very consistent client they just like to keep me with the one.


my anxiety use to be through the roof with public transport and still at times but since i take it twice a day it’s been easier Smiley Happy

Re: tw: bye ?

haha your Kesha is my colouring @litgym XD hahaha
(Now I have the beat of Your love is my drug stuck in my head ahaha and Tik Tok! Oh it's all coming back to me now Smiley Tongue (Maybe I should just go tell my computer to only play Kesha tonight? Smiley Wink )

Yeah that sounds about right Smiley Happy When I was younger and used KHL a LOT I had 1 regular counsellor, and they tried to give me a second but I kept declining Smiley Tongue (Mind you that was back in like 2010 - now I feel old haha)

That is great that you're not as anxious with taking public transport now! I know for me, when I'm in Sydney (Eg rarely) I am okay with public transport if I'm with someone else, otherwise, it's too much Smiley Tongue

I have to go now, I have to make something for tea and I have no idea what Smiley Tongue
What is something nice you can do for you tonight in the way of self-care?
I'm going to watch a tv show or something and do some colouring after tea, what about you?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: tw: bye ?

yes you should ! @Bee

i watched NSW Ambulance it’s my fav show but tonight was the first time, 2 suicide calls and it really distressed me. especially with how bad im feeling and mum saw one of them and it was really awkward between us because i knew she was thinking about me.

Re: tw: bye ?

good job litgym, hospital wooo !! mum is so mad it’s actually not funny. when i told her what i did she said “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ******!!!!!” and then i had a go at her and said “you know you could say im really proud of you for reaching out not being so fucking angry”