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Re: tw: im over this

Hey @litgym thats really tough. Im not good on conflict either and i can also understand how it would be affecting you. My mum reacted in a similar matter to yours when i first sought help. Thankfully for me because im over 18 i dont have to have parents involved.

Im guessing you are home now?

Im glad you like your psychiatrist and also the right medications can really make a difference so i hope these ones will be right for you or wont take to long to find the right ones and doses for you

Is there something concerning you the most with these new diagnoses? Maybe we can work through those concerns together
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: tw: im over this

she says she’s supportive of mental health when she does even let me communicate with some of my professionals. IM DONE WITH HER @scared01 I actually can’t live with her or things are gonna get worse !! 


im home now Smiley Sad i don’t think she even knows im home..honestly could have come home at 1am and she wouldn’t care. she’s not gonna feed me dinner....for fucks sake !!


talking to the slowest khl counsellor in the world, she is so slow at typing !! i tell her something and she starts talking about something  else ergh, i want help !! 


tbh it doesn’t bother me too much ive got more diagnoses im just happy im on anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and alllowed prn when distressed!! Smiley Happy expect of course she hasn’t bought my new meds and i would really like some prn!! 

Re: tw: im over this

Im really glad your getting your meds sorted @litgym or at least trying to. Hopefully she gets them for you tonight or tomorrow morning.

Is there a reason shes not feeding your dinner? Can you get yourself something to eat?

Slow counsellors can be quite tricky sometimes . Maybe if she goes off track say you need to talk about 'this' or 'that' and not what shes trying to talk about.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: tw: im over this

she probably won't get them for like 2 weeks probably @scared01


because shes giving me the silent treatment expect she has stormed into my room yelling at me. yeah I could get something to eat but I dont want to communicate with her. im full of anger and scared shell trigger me more and things won't go well...


I confronted (nicely) the counsellor about her being slow, I swear it takes her 5mins to respond back and its legit 1 sentence. ive explained things clearly and she just doesn't understand ergh, I want another counsellor

Re: tw: im over this

When is the next time you see one of your health professionals? If she hasnt gottem them for you by then even with you reminding her ( which i know can be quite uncomfortable when it usually leads to an argument) but since theyve been prescibed she really needs to get them for you.

Perhaps just go to the kitchen and make yourself something to eat. You dont have to communicate with her.

I hope you get something out of the convo with your khl counsellor. Hopefully she types faster.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: tw: im over this

well im going away 6 days so I dont think she wants me to start but I really need some prn because im feeling quite distressed Smiley Sad @scared01


yeah I just had an egg on toast and the egg tasted really gross ew, dk why !


I requested 2 other counsellors that ive spoken to before and she told me E is available and ended the chat and she didnt even transfer me, wtf ???!!!

Re: tw: im over this

Thats understandable @litgym some can have some pretty yuik side effects so it might be a good idea to wait but see what you can do so you can start them soon.

When are you headed away? Sounds pretty good to eacape for a while and enjoy yourself

Oh thats a little unusual perhaps she is a new counsellor and disnt transfer you properly. You can always reconnect and explain what happened
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: tw: im over this

yeah, the anti-psychotic increases cardic arrests or whatever the second words is ive had a mind blank ! also will have to get regular bloods done since it can play around with stuff Smiley Sad @scared01 if I do get diagnosed with an ED I will have to get blood tests 2x a week NOOOOO


just about 5ish hours up the coast for a wedding with my friends family Smiley Happy my mother better fucking let me because it'll be so good and a week away from HER HEAVEN !!!! I genuinely think it'll be so good for me Smiley Happy


yep just connected again

Re: tw: im over this

Urgh bloodtest's sound horrible! Super glad though your meds have changed, fingers crossed there is an improvement Smiley Happy

Just catching up, sorry about the counsellor some of them take ages to respond!!
ooo the wedding sound snice and a fantastic opportunity for ablissful escape from your mother!!

Re: tw: im over this

yeah Smiley Happy @annabethxchase


so a counsellor ive had before is available in 1hr so im getting transferred to a female now !! I swear if she is a slow typer I give up !