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tw: overwhelming flashbacks

so today has been a really positive day and im glad about since ive really needed it recently. my thoughts have been around but i think they are sick of torturing me right now !  im trying not to let my thoughts take over but im starting to get horrible flashbacks from the last time i was admitted into ED. just from @Jess1-RO saying she’ll call emergency services on me, to Mum screaming at me and then the looks i received in ED + blood tests. when mum was screaming it felt like i was getting beaten up and all of this is so traumatising me. it felt slow in the moment but reliving these thoughts it was fast. and yay mums getting mad at me for being on my phone so fuck

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

I'm so so sorry you've been experiencing these horrible flashbacks Smiley Sad That sounds really, really hard to have to deal with. Can you maybe do some exercises to help you stop the flashbacks coming through? I'll have a look myself and get back to you Smiley Happy

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

@litgym that sounds really intense, I had a similar experience regarding my first time in ED for a serious attempt. Even now 7 years later on the date I can get flashbacks from that time in hospital and the events leading up to it. But don't lose heart by me saying that it's a lot easier to deal with now than when it first happened.
We are so glad you are safe.

Have you experienced flashbacks before. Can you use similar coping strategies for this.
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Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

OK, so I just found this great site with some helpful strategies so I'll copy some in Smiley Very Happy

  • Try some grounding techniques: 1. Feeling where your body makes a boundary with the chair and floor - feel the arms of the chair against your arms and your feet on the floor. 2. Name things with your senses - What can you hear that tells you are in the present? Name 5 things in this room that are green etc. 
  • Try to breathe from your diaphragm, put your hand just above your navel (Apparently this is your belly button but no idea what a 'diaphragm' is!) and breathe so your hand is pushed up and down. This can help prevent a panic attack.
  • If the flashback occurs, try to get yourself to somewhere that you feel safe and secure. 
  • It may be useful to write the flashback down or tell it to someone you trust - though it can be very painful to speak about, talking it over with someone can help your healing.
  • Do something that helps you relax, e.g. have a bath, listen to your favourite music after you have had a flashback. 

So I have no idea if this will help you at all but it's worth a try Heart Smiley Very Happy

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

thanks guysHeart @annabethxchase @redhead

im also hearing voices and seeing things ergh. just arrived in syd so ill respond probably soon because Mum is getting the shits

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

Hey @litgym, just dropping in to say that I also get some flashbacks from my last stint in ED, but it’s gotten easier over the last few months so hopefully with time these memories will become less intense and distressing for you, too Heart I understand that doesn’t really help you right now, though. 

I hope your mum stays calms and doesn’t cause you any more distress. It sounds like you’re having a hard time so if you’re home now perhaps it would help to reach out to G or someone else from the MH team? 

Thinking of you Heart


Those are great strategies @annabethxchase! I use grounding often and it really helps! Smiley Very Happy

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

G’s away and the crisis team will be finishing up soon so there’s no point @DruidChild

i was doing so well till i got back to Sydney and now the thoughts are stronger and I wanna give in. i should have seen this coming, the day was too perfect Smiley Sad

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

Do you think you’ll be safe tonight @litgymHeart Do you have any safety plan to follow when you feel this way? 

I’m sorry things are so intense right now, that sounds really painful Smiley Sad If it would help to talk I am happy to listen.

Sometimes I also have a mood dip after a good day, often it’s because I’ve used up all of my energy and have none left to cope so sometimes having a lie down or doing something restful like watching a movie is helpful. 


Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

i don’t even know anymore. i just do, fml. i really really don’t want to be safe and end my life so badly !! i just hate going from a good day and then being very suicidalSmiley Sad @DruidChild


when i feel this bad nothing makes me feel better not even keshaSmiley Sad


Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

Hey @litgym, sounds like things are getting intense for you. Do you think it would be a good idea to call the crisis team right now? Hopefully you've still got some time to do that.


What can you do to help yourself tonight? Heart