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Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

First of all @litgym, I wanted to echo other users in saying how proud I am of you for yesterday. You did so well in recognising what you needed and trying to keep yourself safe and positive both on and off the forums. Your determination and strength are so inspiring, even though it doesn't always feel like it, you are a wonderful person and we are so grateful you are here. 


Are you safe right now? I understand that they haven't always worked for you, but have you tried anything from your safety plans?


I'm sorry that your khl counselor is being so unhelpful. It's okay to still feel attached to her despite how she's hurt you, talking to your back-up counselor sounds like a good idea. 


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

@litgym if you know the number of the centre they can usually put you through to them Smiley Happy Have they called you today?

I hear that you're feeling not listened to. This is a difficult feeling to sit in. I remember when things have been tough for me and my strategies not working how tough that can be. And it can certainly be hard to then hear people ask if you've done self-care strategies or tell you to try them. I know that is can be a very frustrating time and it can bring up some intense emotions. I wanted to say that sometimes our coping strategies don't feel like they are holding us, sometimes the thought and emotions seem to become immune to our distraction techniques, and that is okay. It happens. This is why I like to cycle through techniques if I can or have a variety of techniques I can use to help me get through. I hope that this helps you x

I'm sorry to hear you have hit a wall with your counsellor at KHL Smiley Sad I can imagine that it is so tough! I agree with @Jay-RO it is okay to still feel attached even though you feel hurt by her actions. Something I like to remind myself at times is that counsellors are human too, and thus imperfect just as we are. Talking to your back-up counsellor is a good idea! Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

I'm sorry things are so hard @litgym, you are the most undeserving person in the world to receive this Smiley Sad I want to echo everyone else, your are invaluable to us and we really, really care about you Smiley Happy Do you think your safe?xx Always here for you

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

thanks Heart @Jay-RO


im getting my hair done now which will take about 3-4 hours so i am safe. just feeling low

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

oooo what are you doing with your hair? Super glad your safe Smiley Happy

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

yeah i do but i don’t want to talk to them and im not even allowed to communicate with them because my “mother” hates them @Bee


i have many techniques, just so over not being heard. i feel like no one hears me on RO or any helplines Smiley Sad 


yeah i know she’s only human Smiley Happy just maybe the last 3-5 last sessions she just blows me off Smiley Sad i say i feel unsafe and just talks about something else Smiley Sad

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

thank you HeartHeart @annabethxchase

im getting it shorter and blonder Smiley Happy

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

im so sorry you feel like you aren't being heard Smiley Sad What are some things we cna improve on in supporting you? e.g what not to tell you etc.
ooo cool! Is your hair naturally brown or blonde?

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

i have no idea @annabethxchase

naturally dark brown but it’s blonder towards the ends. ill show you a pic later x

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

@litgym I'm sorry to hear you feel you're not being heard. Is there anything specific we can improve on? Smiley Happy

I'm sorry your mother doesn't like them Smiley Sad that can make things really hard.
I had a similar issue with my mum when I finally came out of hospital after my injury in regards to seeing the crisis team. I don't exactly remember what happened but I remember listening to her concerns and let her know that I was happy to continue seeing them. I wonder if you and your mum can agree on something like that for your treatment. Is there anything specific she doesn't like about them?

I'm sorry to hear she's blown you off, that sounds really odd. I can imagine that not being validated and supported in the way you'd like when you're feeling unsafe would be pretty hard. Is there something you'd like her to do or say when you disclose that you're feeling unsafe?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart