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Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

That must be a really distressing experience @litgym, I can empathise with you and agree it is awful Smiley Sad If there’s nothing that will make you feel better and you really want to end your life is it time to go to ED? I understand that would be scary and hard after the trauma you went through previous but it’s really important that you stay safe!

Would it help to be away from your mum, perhaps you could call a friend and ask to hang out with them? 


Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

don’t have enough time and i don’t want to @mrmusic 


@DruidChild i really really just want to go to ED and talk to the MH and just chill. it is draining but better than being home but i can’t tell Mum to take me. im not allowed to hang with anyone because im too at risk :/

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

Hey @litgym
Big hugs Heart this sounds incredibly painful and scary!

Like @DruidChild I also experience low mood dips after a good day, sometimes even after a good laugh. It can happen and it's okay. For me, I remind myself that it's not realistic to be happy 100% of the time.
I can't imagine how hard it must be to be having flashbacks, seeing things and hearing voices.

I wonder if in all this stress if you tried any of the activities which @annabethxchase posted about above? They sound like really good ones to try Heart

I'm here for you xx

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

If you can’t ask mum to take you can you call an ambulance @litgym? Or send mum a text message explaining maybe? I know it’s really scary but if you feel like ED is the safest place right now it’s really important that you go Heart

Alternately, you mentioned you’re in NSW, I believe there should be some sort of after hours support via the mental health line 1800 011 511. 

@Bee‘s suggestion of trying some of those exercises sounds like a good idea also!! Heart

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

thanks Heart @Bee

ive tried a few like the grounding exercises. idk just wanna die, sorry for being so negative!

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

ergh i can’t fuck up tonight @DruidChild

yeah i have mental health line number but im not comfortable calling them when mum is hovering over me 24/7 and i just told her an hour ago i was safe 

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

@litgym it sounds really intense right now Smiley Sad
I hear this is difficult x

I can understand not feeling comfortable calling when your mum is around. Are you able to contact KHL or Lifeline, or suicide call back service via web counselling?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

I understand @litgym Heart Would you like me to tell you about the TIP distress tolerance skill that I use? Or would it be a good time for a distraction? 

If you don’t feel safe though I would really encourage you to keep trying to reach out for some one on one support - is KHL webchat an option for tonight? Heart

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

hey @litgym  -I'm not sure if you've tried this before, but lifeline have a number you can text  for support - from 6pm - 10pm. they may be worth giving a go in an hour if you still need that level of support but don't want to call. The number is   0477 13 11 14.


Your idea about going to ED is also a really good one as you will be safe there. 

I'm about to log off, but remember all the amazing work you've done to develop a safety plan, and that even small moments of temporary progress, are progress. 


We all care for you deeply. 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

too young for scbs :/ @Bee

yeah sure x @DruidChild don’t wanna contact khl, ive contacted them far too much over the last week or so


@gina-RO thanks, ive never tried it but ill give it a go maybe. 


honestly its all good guys, im wasting your time and just another negativity coming into your life , so ill just work something out