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Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

@litgym I hear you Heart it's okay to feel sick and tired. Mental Illness is very tiring!
Having the thoughts become worse and more dangerous sounds like a scary and unsettling experience; it's okay to not know what to do. You are doing so well at the moment.


We've talked about a lot in this thread and it can be helpful to keep threads relevant to the starting topic so we don't feel too overwhelmed with everything around us. I know that making a new thread can be difficult sometimes, especially when we are feeling low, we are more than happy to help you make one when you're ready. Just sing out and let us know Heart



I'm going to head over to games for a while before I log out, so I probably won't respond in this thread again now, as I'm needing some self-care myself Heart


But I'm going to leave you with this image Heart xx

Related image

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

thanksHeart @Bee


i constantly feel like im being pressured to make a new thread, i don’t like that. 


Smiley Happy

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

Hmm yeah gotcha there, I too feel annoying making new thread like days later after I've started one, they would all be about different things and I'd have to swap between and that's just annoying!

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

yep !! @annabethxchase

here’s what my hair looks like <3

please ignore my shitty skills of colouring around myself. also just found out someone i know died in an avalanche....2D88E070-B2A5-4C84-A8BC-176334D16B3E.jpeg



Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

That looks awesome @litgym! Sorry to hear that ❤️

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

OOOO That looks awesome!!
OMG I'm so sorry! I hope your ok after hearing that Smiley Sad

Re: tw: overwhelming flashbacks

Hey @litgym I'm so sorry to hear that about the person you know -  I hope you got a good rest last night, and are able to process and grieve in whatever way you need to.  Finding out about a death can be really hard , even if we don't know the person that well. Be extra mindful to look after yourself today. Heart


You hair cut look amazing! I love the colour in it. Are you happy with it?? 


I hear you about the new thread thing - I think @Bee put it really nicely  - the reason that we're asking a lot of members at the moment to think more about starting new threads rather than continuing in a long one, is because it can sometimes be overwhelming to post in a very long thread for both the member who started it, and for other members. We want you to get as much support from other members as possible, but we find that new members tend to feel intimidated by long threads, as they can't catch up. 

What is talked about in the thread can also become very different to the initial reason the thread was started. It is much easier to stay focused, and clear about whats being discussed, if we start threads that are specific. - Its just a forum thing that we find is helpful to keep in mind! 

But we don't want you to feel pressured, or distressed by the process -  So as @Bee said, let us know if you need support around this. 


Maybe today is a good day for you to start a new thread about how you are? Up to you Heart


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here