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Re: tw: please stop

Hey @litgym, being anxious really sucks , especially when there isn't a clear reason. 

Sounds like a few tough things have happened today which might be contributing. Smiley Sad 

How are you feeling this afternoon? 

What are you doing to get through the anxious feelings? 


Re: tw: please stop

ive been playing with my tangle and squishie @gina-RO

ive found out some gossip which is so interesting whoop which has kept me stable. but at times ive felt unsafe :/

Re: tw: please stop

Tangle and squishie are great anxiety companions. Do you find them grounding?

Gossip can be a great distraction too! 

Proud of you @litgym for using your strategies today 

Re: tw: please stop

i find them very grounding Smiley Happy @gina-RO

i just realised mum went all through my stuff and she found my stash of things to end my life with Smiley Sad she also took all my money away and found 2 notes that were to my teacher and psychologist fuck. that means she read it and i don’t even remember what I wrote !!! now I’m so anxious and don’t know when she’s going to confront me and stuff. like im sorry i don’t wanna be alive.

Re: tw: please stop

Hey @litgym, sorry to hear you're feeling anxious about your mum finding out. Smiley Sad Just based on that last sentence, I want to check if you're safe right now? Heart


Re: tw: please stop

yeah i am @mrmusic

mum confronted me and just found about my self-harm and has taken away all those things. just now i feel like i have nothing. yes it’ll make me safer but being able to self-harm wherever i go made me feel safe which is weird. i just don’t feel the same now because i don’t have any of those things that give me comfort. im bawling my eyes out of right now. I don’t wanna be alive. just why me ? i don’t get it 

Re: tw: please stop

Thanks for letting us know @litgym. Heart I understand what you're saying, having those items accessible provided a level of security which you no longer have. This might be a good opportunity for you to explore some new coping strategies? Is this something you can bring up with your psychologist when you next see them?

Re: tw: please stop

my psychologist is really bad but im seeing my GP on Monday so I’ll speak to her Smiley Happy @mrmusic

im so upset, i have FULLY lost my trust with mum. no more drinking, no more smoking, no more drugs, no more shopping, can’t even bloody hangout with friends anymore. she can’t even trust me with $2 Smiley Sad just ergh fml, im done

Re: tw: please stop

@litgym My mother found my stash once it caused a huge fight and was not a good time and then it happened again but the second time was worse as the first time we had come to an agreement or so I thought. It really does shake your trust even though you know they mean well but it still feels like they are taking everything from you. I can understand those things bringing you comfort. Hopefully you and your mum will find a way to trust each other again. 

Re: tw: please stop

im just a fuck up, can’t do anything right @Eden1717 

monday; had a plan to end my life and ended up in ED

tuesday: very agressive and emotional, GP ends up needing to calm me down

wednesday: relapsed

thursday: the most depressed and suicidal ive ever been and mum couldn’t pick me up 

friday: mum found out about self-harm, i can’t even fucking shave anymore.



im so done and over everything. i don’t want to keep doing life, there’s no point. we all die in the end so why can’t i just die now ? just erghh, there is nothing that gives me joy. i want to die, i want to hurt myself all over me. why me ? i need to get high or drunk, need to hurt myself


i am safe, SADLY FML, there is no way i can hurt myself at all erghhhhh