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tw: scared about everything

surprised that im even making a new thread even though im so done with ReachOut atm.....


im so scared going back to school. i already have bad plans to do things at school and i know ill fuck up real bad. ill probably get pulled out of school or be sent to the special school for kids who are “special” fml. my timetable is meant to come out today but it’s saying my username and password is incorrect ergh Smiley Sad 


ive lost more weight and not far off from being underweight fmlll. im just so done with everything and can’t wait till my life is over.

Re: tw: scared about everything

Hey @litgym, going back to school can be super overwhelming. 

Are you planning to join the GR to chat about going back to school next week? 

That's frustrating about your timetable - did you manage to reset your account to get your timetable?? 


Things sound overwhelming today  - we've seen your resilience throughout the last few months Heart You got this @litgym. It can be a lot to think about the bigger picture of life sometimes - perhaps its best to try focus on the present as much as you can today? 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: tw: scared about everything

Hey @litgym, I'm sorry about school Smiley Sad it's a frightening prospect. If you are comfortable, can you tell me more about these plans?
ahh, technology lets us down. hmm, about the weight, have you spoken to anyone about it? Sounds like things are very tough atm, thinking of you xx

oh also, how have your holidays been? Did you end up contacting G? xx

Re: tw: scared about everything

WELL IM FUCKING DONE @annabethxchase @gina-RO received my timetable, I have the WORST teachers most of the teachers I got are super triggering which had led to me doing impulsive stuff at school because of them. I got my teacher who is my go to teacher and my ex-tutor who I adore. I requested for some friends in my class and I GOT NO ONE FUCKING NO ONE I AM SO DISTRESSED 

Re: tw: scared about everything

Hey @litgym thank you for posting on the forums about this. I'm so glad that you're hanging around Smiley Happy

Ugh, I'm hearing that your timetable is pretty upsetting - that sucks Smiley Sad

Is there any way you could request to change it, at least the teachers who are triggering for you?

Sending you lots of strength and support!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: tw: scared about everything

@letitgo recently ive been quite happy but when my school timetable came out today it has really distressed me. ive already made plans to bring X and X to school so i can hurt myself whenever. the school fucked up and only put me in one out of two classes of my go to (supportive) teachers so i need swap science classes now ergh. I requested my friends also and got NO ONE !!! my head of year clearly can’t handle my MH well, she is going to be in a treat this year yay ! i also have a super distressing triggering math teacher and science teacher erghh !!!! but hopefully im changing science classes and might move down a math class ! but my pdhpe teacher i had last year always picked on me for not doing sport but this is due to my MH though which obviously she doesn’t know about :/ point is i have her again this year. currently on some prn right now to calm me down. but my mum sent a firm email about the timetable etc

Re: tw: scared about everything

hey @litgym I'm glad to hear that your mum sent an email explaining the situation, and I hope that helps. Keep us updated on how that goes!

yeah, it sounds like your needs aren't being respected that much at the moment, which is frustrating. Have you spoken to your supportive teachers about it/is that something you could do?


What else might help you calm down? You're always welcome to pop into the Games thread for some distraction Smiley Happy  

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: tw: scared about everything

ill just talk to them when school goes back @letitgo don’t tbink ill even turn up to school, I hate it so much !!!


dont have the mindset for that, im super drowsy from the prn

Re: tw: scared about everything

ahhhhhh today i met some of the ReachOut team !!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE ACTUALLY PURE AMAZING AND SO SO SO SUPPORTIVE!!!! such a shame @Jess1-RO couldn’t make it and i missed @gina-RO aww Smiley Sad Smiley Sad 

i can’t remember anyone’s names expect for one.....but the lady i was talking to was so so supportive and i know she has access to the forums....I’m pretty sure she makes all the surveys and stuff for ReachOut! but omg ahh love her so so much !!! she told me if i started feeling bad to come back to the stall aw Smiley Happy at some point we started talking about my mental health and I said how I was suicidal and everyone goes “you ????” in a shocked face. no matter how well together some looks you never know what they are going through. ReachOut were so supportive about my feelings and understood Smiley Happy my social anxiety was completely gone and i was my weird quirky sweet self ! i literally can’t explain how beautiful you guys are as an organisation!! i went from wanting to end my life this morning to giving life another go, just from that small interactionSmiley Happy

ive chosen to stay on the forums because i can see how you guys are trying everything in your power to help young adults Smiley Happy i just need to step up and try and not take things personally which is quite hard since im so sensitive! 

point is this is the best supportive lovely non-profit organisation you can come across and im beyond grateful that i got to meet some of the staff today Smiley Very Happy

little things i picked up from the stall !! Heart9E1768E3-F545-404A-91C8-F8B0140DB73C.jpeg



Re: tw: scared about everything

@litgym aww that brought a huuge smile to my face!
I'm so glad you got to mee some people and felt comfortable! The people I've met on the RO team are some of the loveliest people I've met too! Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart