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Re: tw: scared about everything

Hey there @litgym,

Has anything ever come from talking to your gp and khl counselor? 


It's great that you have two teachers at school you can talk to Smiley Happy It's okay to be scared of telling the truth as well, it IS hard to be open about how we're feeling and thinking. 


I have to log off now, but I hope your meeting with your psych goes well (or went well, if it's already finished Smiley Happy)


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: tw: scared about everything

@Jay-RO they've just told me to eat probably but too late now !


so currently I am attending my usual school but he is going to speak to my school about the best support and let me have access prn at school if im distressed Smiley Happy apparently my attendance is the most important, not grades. I barely attended school last year so we're trying to improve that but tbh ill end up in ED in the next 2 weeks. he is also said the special school will take about a year to get into Smiley Sad


I ended up crying in the session because I have now been dropped by my crisis team which brought back the feelings when Headspace discharged me. I still have access to my crisis team I think after an ED admission but other than that they've discharged me Smiley Sad its so hard dealing with the emotions when you lose someone/s you love and support youHeart


now that I am going to school tomorrow, im going to have a breakdown first thing ! ahhh so anxious !

Re: tw: scared about everything

The first day back at school can provoke so much anxiety and stress @litgym but it sounds like being able to step back and just focus on attendance rather than grades may be a bit of a relief? And they seem open to you getting the support you need when you feel distressed, so that's got to be a comfort for you?


I can understand that you would be upset about losing your crisis team support, especially if it's people that you care about and have liked. Did they share the reasoning behind it with you? Or could you clarify a bit more with them about the changes?

Re: tw: scared about everything

i guess but im just really unhappy at my school @Erin-RO


because im linked in with supports but it’s still so hard to handle Smiley Sad 


im so drowsy but super anxious about school fml

Re: tw: scared about everything

Well I hope now at least that they have a better understanding of what you need; and what the focus should be, that things won't be so difficult for you @litgym 


It sounds cliche but just focus on taking it one class at a time and breathing your way through it... I'm sending so many supportive vibes your way Heart



Re: tw: scared about everything

@Erin-RO thank youHeart


today has already gone shit and it’s only 7:20 in the morning !!! took me the whole time to walk to my bus stop to untangle my earphones (12mins) and now one of the fucking earphones doesnt want to stay in my right ear erghh. it may seem like nothing but it’s just setting off my day !! my makeup is already melting off but it looks like it’s gonna rain and i don’t have an umbrella ergh. just it’s not my day and im so fucking scared, ill be in tears by the time im walking to school ! 

Re: tw: scared about everything

Hey @litgym! Sorry I haven’t checked in for a while.. how are you going? Are you back from your holiday thing?

Re: tw: scared about everything

Hey @litgym, sounds like you've had a pretty frustrating morning Smiley Sad I here you, today sounds pretty scary for you - just know I'm sending you strength and hugs ok? xx

Also, I've had issues logging into RO so that is kinda why I haven't been on much..

Re: tw: scared about everything

Hi @litgym,


It sounds like today was a really big day for you Heart We were all thinking of you today! @Bananatime04 and @annabethxchase have posted some really lovely words of support Heart 


Check out our community activities calendar for November 2019 here

Re: tw: scared about everything

thank youuu @Jess1-RO @annabethxchase @Bananatime04

i just wrote a long ass big paragraph about my day but then RO fucking logged me out so later on when i feel less distressed ill explain my HECTIC CHAOTIC DISTRESSING BUSY DAY !