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tw: soon to give up


Re: tw: soon to give up

Hey @litgym


It's amazing to hear the things you're trying to get by- I like the talking to birds one! 

You're doing so well, and we know you can keep going. Don't give up. Keep going one day at a time. 


Thank you for being really mindful of the community in your post, and letting us know the things you're doing to stay safe.  Heart


Re: tw: soon to give up


Re: tw: soon to give up

Just echoing @gina-RO, @litgym you are so brave Smiley Happy Don't let them control you Smiley Sad

Re: tw: soon to give up

I can imagine being away from your regular routine and supports would  be really challenging. 

Remember it is only temporary, and you will be able to access those things again soon - it could be a good reflection for you around what you appreciate about being in your normal routine Heart

You will no doubt also miss where you are now, once you're home. 


I'm sorry to edit out part of your post as I know you are being really thoughtful about the community -  but hearing exactly what you've eaten and your thoughts on food can be really hard for others who also struggle with food. Please continue to be mindful of how you talk about your thoughts and feelings around food and eating. Heart

It does sound like you could do with more support around your relationship with food - have you ever called the butterfly foundation number on 1800 33 4673 for support specifically on this?


It's hard for us to edit your posts too as we know its really important for you to talk openly about your feelings and thoughts - but there are better places for this open expression, where there aren't as many risks. Any other 1:1 support, and a diary is also a REALLY helpful place to vent frustrations and feelings without holding back. 





Re: tw: soon to give up


Re: tw: soon to give up


Re: tw: soon to give up


are the people trying to hurt you or the voices? I'm sorry, that must feel very confronting...

Re: tw: soon to give up

@litgym please do not see our edits that way - we edit every single members posts! 

( I even go back on my own posts to edit things sometimes!!) 

So please do not feel that way. What you're expressing is valid and important for you to share. Heart


What did you think about the butterfly foundation support option?


Re: tw: soon to give up

@litgym, is everything alright, I see you've deleted your posts...