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Re: tw: when will it stop?

Hi @annabethxchase  I'm sorry to hear you've had this experience I can only imagine how mad you must have been feeling. It takes so much to be able to open up to others and to have that happen is really frustrating and disheartening. Are you okay? Heart We're here for you. 

Re: tw: when will it stop?

that’s really understandable :heart @annabethxchase


i couldn’t relate more, i know hard and annoying it is when things happen that you didn’t want. my ex-youth worker ended up telling my mum about my suicidal thoughts and not many days later im in ED. i know it’s hard to see now and maybe long term as well but your journey will have heaps of ups and downs and lots of things will happen that you don’t want Smiley Sad but still that wasn’t right of her and she broke confidentiality! 


im curious, what’s the youth workers role going to be ? are you getting connected into a crisis team or they playing as your main clinician/go to ? personally im really happy you’re getting connected to more professionals because you’re definitely in such a bad place and you need as much support as possible even if you don’t want toHeart make sure you ask them, are you going to stay with me/be long term/not leave me ? because it breaks many youths hearts when they leave, just like me x


youve got this beautiful Heart

Re: tw: when will it stop?

@annabethxchase it's understandable that your hurt and upset.
I wonder if you're able to ask her why she did it that way. In my
experience they've always made sure I knew they were going to tell someone.

I know trusting professionals doesn't come easy, it's something I've
struggled a bit with too. But I wanted to congratulate you on opening up to
the psychologist Heart

I'm a bit confused about how the school intercepted the email for your
psych; did you send it from a school/education email? I know in my state
with the school email accounts they have a bot scan everything and there
are key words that raise flags. I remember our science teacher couldn't
send us the electronic files via email because it had the word "sex" a few
times Smiley LOL (sorry got a little side tracked there)

The referrals sound like a good idea. I hope that they help x

You're doing a great job managing through all of this. Heart
(Email reply)

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: tw: when will it stop?

that's a lovely post @litgym


@annabethxchase just wanted to check in and see how you're doing today?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: tw: when will it stop?

how are you going sweetie ? ive been quite worried about you but ive given you some space since things have been all over the place Smiley Sad do you think you’re ready to talk or still just not in a good space ? always here xo Heart

Re: tw: when will it stop?

Hey @litgym,
Sorry for the late response, I'm not on the forums as much as before because of some other, unrelated reasons Smiley Sad
Yeah, I get it just really upset with her Smiley Sad
I'm not really sure, she only mentioned it briefly before launching into a spiel about why she did it etc. Yeah, she said mental health team at some point, I wasn't really paying attention. Yeah I'll ask them Smiley Happy

I'm all good though, don't worry about me.
Thank you Smiley Happy

Thanks @Bee, bahaha yeah, I'll probably get another private email, I have a personal one already but it's linked to my mums as well.

Re: tw: when will it stop?

hey that’s okay @annabethxchase

there is never any pressure on being on the forums. i hope you’re okay, sounds like you’re going through a difficult time Heart if you do get linked into a crisis team from my personal experience and i know @Bee as well really liked the team Smiley Happy they’re super helpful and really help on avoiding ED x

Re: tw: when will it stop?

Naww, I love you so much, you have such a big heart Smiley Happy Smiley Happy ahh, you always make me so happy.

Re: tw: when will it stop?

bahahahah so do you bubba, you’re a gorgeous girl who deserves the WHOLE fucking world !! i don’t get it, you’re so beautiful and you have to deal with all this shit so unfair ! Smiley Sad 


can i help you with anything ? Heart @annabethxchase

Re: tw: when will it stop?

Nawwwwwww <3 please apply that to yourself Smiley Happy
Nah, just watching some Brooklyn 99 but thanks Smiley Happy