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Re: tw: when will it stop?

hey gorgeous Heart you haven't been on in the last few days like me, is everything okay?

always here xxxxHeart

Re: tw: when will it stop?

hey beautiful @annabethxchase

im really worried about you 💗 if you do see this, please know i love you so much and will be by your side forEVER ❤️❤️

Re: tw: when will it stop?

hey @annabethxchase

sorry if im being like super annoying but are you okay ? im really really worried about you Smiley Sad please just let us know if you’re okay...Heart


Re: tw: when will it stop?

Hi @annabethxchase,

We are all thinking of you this last week Heart


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Re: tw: when will it stop?

Hey @annabethxchase ❤️ I’m not sure if you are still using the forums since litgym has gone but I just wanted to check how you’ve been? Sorry I haven’t been on a lot lately to ask more often but I’ve been thinking about you xx

so what’s been going on? What have I missed?

Re: tw: when will it stop?

hey @annabethxchase
i havent seen you for a while, im wondering how you are going?
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