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Re: tw: when will it stop?

Hey @litgym, nah I'm fine don't worry xx

yeah I thought so about my psych, really mad about it and going to have a go at her next session. won't be telling her anything at all, ever again. i opened up to her and then she literally just ratted me out and betrayed all of my trust.

mum's fine, just a bit awkward..

thanks for checking in Smiley Happy

Re: tw: when will it stop?

Hey @Erin-RO all good Smiley Happy

yeah i'll check the article out thanks Smiley Happy definitely will talk to her.
i don;t think i want to rebuild that relationship, seems pretty pointless even talking to her..

Re: tw: when will it stop?

I think it's good for you and for her, for you to talk to her about it but yeah I can definitely understand that you might not want to rebuild the relationship with her @annabethxchase. How did you feel things were going before this happened?

Re: tw: when will it stop?

yep that’s so unfair on YOU, you’re the the client she shouldn’t have done that Smiley Sad @annabethxchase


if you feel like after your next session you don’t want to rebuild the relationship, do you think changing psychs will help ? 

Re: tw: when will it stop?

@Erin-RO yeah Smiley Sad I dunno, I thought she was nice but it felt like she was pressuring me to do things.
@litgym, i don't really want to talk to anyone else about it and change psychs because all they'll do is just rat me out.. i don't like talking to professionals Smiley Sad

Re: tw: when will it stop?

aww I totally understand how you would be feeling, when headspace discharged me and yesterday I found out G and my crisis team discharged me I felt so upset and think of reasons why I shouldn't get help. its like you lose that sense of hope that they'll always be there expect they're not Smiley Sad @annabethxchase


but I know how worthy you are for support and you really do need a professionalHeart

Re: tw: when will it stop?

Hey @annabethxchase, sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with your psychologist. I think relationships with psychologists can be really emotional sometimes, because we do give them a lot of trust when we open up to them, and it's very easy to feel vulnerable in those situations. So when they go against the trust that we gave them, it can hurt a lot more than we'd expect it to.

Do you think that because they don't see you too often, they were just really worried that you needed someone to be in on the loop who could watch you more closely? I'm not saying that lying to you was acceptable, but their primary concern will always be your safety, and I do think that unfortunately that means that sometimes, they have to prioritise your safety over your comfort. From what you said it definitely sounds like your psychologist could have done it in a more considerate and respectful way, but this concern may have also been a driving factor. Do you think that this is a possibility?

Re: tw: when will it stop?

yeah @basketofmonkeys. I actually see her quite often, the thing that bugs me most is that she said she wouldn't as I was walking out the door and then told my mum a minute later. maybe.. don't really know Smiley Sad

i have to see her this arvo and really not excited. bleagh hate this

Re: tw: when will it stop?

@annabethxchase I'm sorry to hear what happened with your psychologist. It is quite reasonable to feel everything you're feeling.
Did you end up seeing her today?


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Re: tw: when will it stop?

yeah, i saw her just then @Bee.

I was so mad, I couldn't even get the words out, soo infuriated and idk, I didn't want to tell her anything, she just hurt me so much and maybe it's irrational but I just don't want to talk to anyone/see any professionals because all they'll do is break my trust. I was so stupid, who was I kidding? Why would I trust her or anyone? I just sat in silence the whole time, i felt to betrayed ergh.

found out that one of my emails to her was intercepted about SH by the school and I'm too numb to process it. so now the counsellors now. my psych told them not to tell anyone but why would i trust them? i don't trust people in general at all so opening up was a big thing and to just have someone throw all that out the window just worsened my anxiety and all that. why would i tell her anything? bleagh idk maybe im over reacting...

she's giving me a referral to see a psychiatrist and youth worker and i might not see her again.. i just walked out without saying or telling her anything and i feel bad, maybe i should've said thanks or something? idk, just working myself up now..