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I have a massive headache, my heart feels like its about to jump through my chest and my whole body feels like its shaking

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Hey Miss Lil J

Have you taken any pain killers for the headache? That will hopefully sort that one out. Maybe you're overtired and need to have a nap?

With the heart thing it sounds like you need to work on relaxing your body down.

Progressive muscle relaxation is a good place to start.

You can listen to a track to guide you here:

Otherwise have a look on RO for other ways to relax, like focus on your breathing and doing other activities, like maybe writing down how you feel or something.

Hope this helps.

Re: ;(

Have you had these headaches before? If it gets worse, I'd go to emergency as it could be something serious. Curling up in child's pose and rolling on top of your head can help too(make sure you are hydrated well first though!) Sleeping can help too. Smiley Happy If all else fails, go to your GP and ask for stronger pain meds if paracetemol or asprin don't kick it.  


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If you experience that sort of thing for long periods of time, or it happens repeatedly, it's important you see a doctor about it.


Aside from that, the advice from _sagira_ and Shadow looks pretty sound.


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Yes...what lex had to say!

I have actually been suffering from headaches every single day for the last 2+ months. Sometimes they get really bad. Went to the doc multiple times and it's all stress, anxiety induced. plan is to see an acupuncturist when I finish my uni exams, as meds sometimes don't even work.

But yes, definitely get it checked out if it's different for you and prolongs.

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I haven't slept much over past few days… have barely eaten … makes me feel nauseous… been in tears on and off…

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That sounds terribly sad Miss Lil J, what is going on for you to feel this way? have you talked to someone about what you are going through?
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

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Call from mum last night to bitch at me because she feels I don't love her and would rather be with friends then her… I asked her ages ago to come to a comedy show with me… then I forgot about it… she rang to find out when we were going… very nasty when I said it had finished… wanted to know how I could forget, what I did while it was on… why was I with friends instead of out enjoying time with her… told I her I wouldn't have been able to go anyway as I can't afford it so she then went on to bitch to me about how I constantly live above my means and how my hubby influenced me and I can no longer be my own individual person… it didn't matter what I said it wasn't good enough… never has been… she ended the call by saying when I was ready to have a mother again to call… I'm just so tired and warn out… it all hurts too much… I can't be strong all the time for everyone

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I saw a counselor a while ago but have to see GP first I just can't bring myself to do so… my normal counselor is on long service leave and I am scared bout seeing her replacement again ;(

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dont forget if your mum was to pass away tomorrow none of this would be worth the trouble. My dad is dead now andi would give anything to have him back.