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Re: Constantly feeling down, urge to self harm and purge

Hey @florenceforever 


That sounds like a lot to deal with and I can only imagine how confusing that can be feeling like you are doing all the right things but feeling worse than you did before. You sound like a really strong person because even though you feel unsatisfied and unmotivated you are trying so hard and pushing your self to do better which is amazing. 


I think it is great that even though you have this urge to self halm and purge, you sound like you are fighting it and that to me is someone who is motivated. I think we all want to progress in life and when we feel like we are back sliding or at a worse place than we were before it can be a painful and sad realization, I can understand that. You are so self aware though and for you to even notice that this is how you feel and verbalize it is a big step. 


Have you spoken to anyone about how you are feeling like a friend, family or a counsellor? 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Constantly feeling down, urge to self harm and purge

Hi @florenceforever 


It's wonderful to see that you've been able to share with us what you're going through. It can be really hard to admit that you are struggling and this is a really great step towards seeking the help you need.


It sounds like you're having a really rough time and that you're finding it hard to understand your feelings because on one hand some aspects of your life are going really well but on the other you're stuggling with feeling down all the time. This is a really hard position to be in because sometimes when we're feeling down there isn't a particular reason behind it.


Feeling sad for a long period of time can really impact your mental health. The best people to talk to about how you're feeling are health professionals. Sometimes it is easier to start with a GP that you trust or start by chatting to someone over the phone, like the guys at Kids Help Line (1800 55 1800). Or if you already have a network of health professionals you might have a psychologist, psychiatrist or mental health support worker who you can confide in.


You might even like to tell someone you trust how you're feeling. A friend or family member can be helpful for extra support when you're having a tough time.


It sounds like night time is a really difficult time to work through. Have you looked at other ways to cope with the urges you're feeling? Sometimes distractions work well, you can find a list here. Another technique that is sometimes helpful is to ride out the urges. See if you can wait 30 seconds before making any actions. If you make it to 30 seconds then see if you can do a minute, then see if you can do 5 minutes. See if you can get up to 30 minutes. You might even find some relaxation before bed helps.


It can be really important to remember that mental health is something that everyone deals with and poor mental health doesn't discriminate, so you could be anyone, anywhere, be doing anything and still feel down. The most important step is to acknowledge how you feel and make some moves towards seeking professional help.