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Re: :(

Does a broken nose count? @Jay-RO cause that’s definitely broken.
I do, I have a work conference thing on fairly soon so that’ll be fun.... I havd to leave home shortly somebody is picking me up so we’re goi g together.
I don’t know where my skateboard is I think it kept rolling when I fell some kid has probably found it had the best day of their life, boards can be replaced (with money if anyone wants to donate to the cause 🙃🙃) but people cant
It was so scary all I can remember is making that gahh noise you make when you’re falling and you know it’s too late, then i woke up in front of a ladies mail box

Re: :(

Hey @Saltwaterdreamtime, have fun at the work conference! Smiley Happy


Some kid is probably very happy to have found your board, is there anyone you know who can help you get another one? Or let you borrow theirs for the time being? 


A broken nose sounds painful! It can be really scary to fall off a skateboard (or anything) and fall. Though from your negatives into positives post, it sounds like you landed in front of a good house Smiley Happy



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Re: :(

That sounds scary and painful @Saltwaterdreamtime, I hope your nose heals fast! Have fun at the work conference, it sounds like a great opportunity and it’s especially cool that you’re getting a lift Smiley Happy