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Re: untitled

Hello tay,


It seems like you are having a really hard time. Have you spoken to your GP about what is going on for you? It is so brave to be able to post this in the forums and it seems like a lot of people have given you some great advice.


I have had similar experiences like this, where you feel disconnected from the world or from yourself. Have you tried maybe some relaxation techniques? If you look on the megamenu Apps & Tools, there is a program called smiling mind. I have found it useful even for the 5 minutes a day I tend to use it for.


Writing down what is going on sounds like it helps, even if you don't understand what it says. Sometimes this is what we intend to write down because our mind doesn't make sense and the situation doesn't make sense. Just writing this down is a good starting point because we can re-read it and make connections (if needed) to different things. Also, it doesn't matter if you can't draw. I myself cannot draw to save myself (stick figures person) but find it theraputic.


Hope this helps, tay. Stay strong and keep hope Smiley Happy




Re: untitled

Hey Tay,

yeah, it is no good to hear you are still down. I totally understand that you might feel like the people around you are sick of you being down and not yourself, but you need to make sure you still have some sort of outlet. Have you ever tried calling Lifeline when you are feeling particularly down? It might be worth giving that a go to see if it helps.


Re: untitled

I do have relaxation things that i use to help me when they are at a stage where they work. 


I'm trying my best to do all i can for myself yet it still isnt enough. And it is true people are over it my partner told me the only reason he asked me to move with his is because his daughter wants us together not apart. So really all he is doing is for his daugther. That makes me sand he no longer wants to be with me because of me, its for other reasons.


I'm still struggling its getting harder everyday i feel if i start the tears they wont stop. Even the real me amonst all this its begin to become sad and feel like giving up, I can NOT have them all on the one page because it will be just to risky for me. 


As for calling i find it extreamly hard to call people when i need help, I guess if it gets to bad i will call but i find it so hard to make that actual step. Becuase the words will prob fail me again, I'm going to try and talk to the ladt i speak with on KHL today and see if this can help hold me together for the next few days i guess.


All  i can do is try my best but that just isnt seeming good enough right now ='(


sorry to be such  a downer and everything......Sigh.........


Re: untitled

Hey there,


Welcome to Reach Out. :smileyhappy:


I would really recommend that you give the guidelines a read, if you haven't already. :smileyhappy: They are there so we can all stay safe on these forums. :smileyhappy: Check them out here:


I am so sorry to hear that you have been having those problems. However, it's really important that you keep yourself safe. Do you have a support network who you can contact when things are bad? A counsellor, a doctor? There are ALWAYS people out there who are willing to listen, sometimes we just need to make the first step in asking for help. Are you at school? Do you have a school counsellor?


Another couple of resources I'd really recommend is Kids Help Line (1800 551 800) - their phone service is available 24/7 and they also have online counselling (it's just like talking on MSN to a counsellor!). :smileyhappy: There is also eheadspace, which is another great service - check them out here: .


If you haven't already, I'd also recommend checking out this factsheet on the website: and some of these stories might be helpful too: :smileyhappy:


I look forward to seeing you around the forums! :smileyhappy:


Take care of yourself - us at care!


Re: untitled

Thank you inspireAll for those websites that I am able to just click on and find some more information out =) its a great help! 


As for how I am feeling I am super tied today yesterday was a long day the tears started whilst talking to the lady on KHL and they seemed to be on and off all day after that. I am however not feeling as bad a I was yesterday I am feeling a little better and definitely a lot stronger than yesterday so that a good plus I guess =)


Are you aloud to use eheadspace? If you actually waiting for the local headrace office to get back to you?? Im not so sure as I am waiting for Perth to get back to me. Hopefully it will not be to much longer now


thank you all so much for you input and idea's I truly appreciate them.


Re: untitled

Hey tay,


In regards to your headspace question, I am pretty certain you can use the online service if you are waiting. The people who you talk to on there may not necessarily be who you talk to at an office and all you give is a first name and email address.


Re: untitled

Thanks for that information i will def keep it in the back of my mind if i need it. 


Today hasn't been as intense so im thankful for that so far. My KHL worker has be such a great support though this she even called headspace for me and then called me back to let me know what was going on and hopefuly they will call me at some stage today. Hopefuly by the end of the week i will have a bit more of an idea about whats going on inside my head and how they can best supprt me to gettin healthy again. 


thank you so much for you time and replys with advice i truely appreciate it.


Re: untitled

So after yesterdays  phone to to headspace from my KHL worker, Headspace called me and arranged an appointment for today at 2-2.30 with a doctor and then from 2.30-3.30 with a lady that i will be seeing  from there i think. 


I am glad i know whats going on now and what headspace need/want I am ver nervous and scared about these appointments but i know its going to be for the best intrest to tell them everything i can and be as open as possible with them no matter how scared i become. Being honost is the key , it just hard is all! im scared what they will think and that they may not understand me when i express these things are not comeing from me =\.


I will just hope for the best =) thanks for all you support and kind word to help get me though this.



Re: untitled

Hey Tay - you should be so proud of yourself for getting yourself through this week. While you have RO and other supports around you - it is you and your inner strength that got you through this week.


I also just wanted to say - if writing is not helping you and distressing you then definitely don't persist with it. Writing can be helpful for some people, some times, but not all the time. It can be unhelpful if you find that it's focusing on the negative, or going round in circles. You are the expert on your own emotions and well being, if you feel something is distressing you - move on to something else.


Once again, congratulate yourself for getting yourself through the week, coz we are proud of you too. And if something else comes up - feel free to start a new thread rather than coming back to this one, (remember the guidelines for this area of the forums). Starting new threads is an important way we keep the forums community/solutions-focused.


Keep it up Tay!

Online Community Manager