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I can feel it in my chest somebody is trying to get out. It hurts my chest, my hear my body it makes me tense trying to stay in control. 


I need to figgure out way to makes myself realize i am still alive amongst all this. I know SH is not am option, the option i have use at times in the past. Im trying to get help am i am wating for headspace to get back to me. But its just seems like forever! I am tied.


Its strange to feel this way, i wish i knew the way to express how i feel and my emotions on whats going on inside my brain but so hard. 


i am trying to do all the right things i just feel so exhausted yet again =(

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Hi tay

Sometimes how you feel can be pretty inexplicable. Sometimes it's just difficult to find the right way to express it.

But it's important to remain patient and strong. You are most definitely alive amongst it all - hello! Let others help reassure you of this.

When things get a bit overwhelming for me, I find just stopping what I'm doing and taking a few careful, deep breaths helps me to "quiet the noise" a little.

It would be great to hear from others about how they handle this, too.

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hi tay


it's a great to hear you've taken the initiative to recognised that change needs to happen and you've reached out for support from an external source.


headspace provides really good services that can take some time maybe because they are very thorough and helpful.


in the mean time & to get the most out of headspace you might like to write down the things you want to discuss like what concerns you, what you've tried, what you might like to try etc.


i reckon a mind map format where you start in the centre and branch help might make it fun and easy to look at instead of a list or essay. but that's just my personal preference. 




Re: untitled

thanks for your responses. Im glad to know that i am not as alone as i think in  all of this.


Headspace is ment to be the best place as aparantly they are a one stop shop for younge people. I did have a appointment last week but once they had heard back from Community mental health they changed my worker who is sick at the moment so im just waiting. i don't mind as long as i know whats going on. Plans changing on me in the last minute or at all cause a lot of anxiety and distress at the moment.  I am glad that community mental health rang them as they would have given them a run down of whats been going on so that will help me. 


I think about writing it down but the words just don't flow because everyone just shots and carrys on over each other its mental! But i guess i just have to try my best its all i can ask of myself.


im just getting really tied of this fight always.Im back to the doctors today maybe she will be able to help me a little bit more until i am finally able to see headspace.

Re: untitled

Hang in there Tay!

If you find the words aren't coming to you maybe by drawing how you're feeling will provide a better outlet for you to express yourself Smiley Happy


I know it can be tough having to wait for these services so in the meantime if your feeling really stressed try giving the Kids Help Line a call on 1800 55 1800.

And remember we'll be around here as well.



Re: untitled

If only i could draw- then that would be a great option for me but i am hopless with a drawing! 

the words use to flow out so eary i use to write all the time,  but there is just so much crowding going on that i can not write becuase my sentences are all jumbled and make no sence what so ever =(


Things have been rough last night was really hard, i had to take my medication at like 8.30 because my head was becomeing so unsettled. It frustrating to have to rely on medication to help calm my head =(.


I just need to remind myself i am trying my best and that is all i can ask of myself. 


thanks for the replys and time.

Re: untitled

Hi Tay,

Persist with the writing, even if it seems all jumbled at least you're expressing how you're feeling and getting it out of your head.

Stick with the medication - i know it can be hard 'having' to rely on it, but that's what it's there for.


Re: untitled

Maybe i should just keep writing but it became distressing to me because i couldnt understand what i wote down and it just confuse me even more because i was acually trying to write something out that made sense.


Today has been hard. I ad to go out. I have seriously had enough of people. and i am about to have to cook a roast dinner for 4. Im am exhausted and its not even late afternoon. I don' want to have a house full of people i just want to be alone.

Re: untitled

Hey Tay,

I know that feeling of having people cover over, but wanting nothing more than being alone. However, I always seem to find that once they do come over I am happy they are their and they lift my spirits and make me laugh.

I hope that is the case for you tonight... and your roast is yummy!


Re: untitled

unfortinatly when my partners dad came over, i just felt more dissconected from the wold more than i already did today. Im living this life but im not acually in it, im not sure if this makes any sense but im at my wits end. Im trying to stay storng and hold it together. Im trying not to show other the way i react and feel out in public becuase they are already sick of my behavious. 


Im trying my best i just feel its not going to be good enough =( 


sorry to keep whining and complaning i just am lost.