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walking diagnosis

i feel like im a walking diagnosis and really questioning whether life is worth living like this. in the past 6 months so much has already happened... i wonder what will be next.


in the past 6 months these are my doagnosises



1. chiropractor: continuous treatment and was diagnosed with a hip that will never be fully right, neck and back deneration already, a disk that slightly bulges in my neck and at the top of my neck is rotates so doesnt sit properly


2. gp who i have to see weekly and diagnose the ptsd, gad, depression and social phobia

3.& 4. psychologist and psychiatrist for confirmed mental health diagnosis and treatment

5. i went to see a physiotherapist but decided to give it up after a few sessions

6. now i go to an osteopath for both my ankle injury and my neck as i was starting to find the chiro making matters worse and still go for continuous treatment

7. now i see a podiatrist for my ankle injury with continued injury and yet to diagnose

8. naturopath deals and diagnosed my insomnia

9. nutritionist for a balanced diet

10.massage therapist who if i dont see then my muscles get extremely tight and i get migranines

11. optomestist- got a few tests fonr and i need glasses for most of the time and with my family histry could end up eith glaucoma or cateracts


12. ive also been told that later in life i could have liver/kidney issues and end up with gall stones as well so now i  have to be mindful of that.

13 still have to go for tyhroid tests yet


i woudl except these in some older people but at 20 yrs old im a walking diagnosis!!!!



Re: walking diagnosis

Hey @setmefree sounds like a lot huh.. Smiley Sad


The way I viewed that was pretty contrasting though. I wish I had that level of insight and proactivity at 20 years old.. It's likely that with all of the work you're doing, down the track you won't need as many specialist appointments because you're getting stuck into your wellbeing now.


It must be a lot to stay on top of huh... One thing that's good to remind ourselves is we are not our diagnosis. Diagnosis is a part of our story, but is not our entire being. Does that make sense?

Re: walking diagnosis

yes theres just so much to deal with and even thoughh im being productive now im still giong to have these later in life so really does it matter? @Bree-RO


im starting to think life just isnt worth it anymore

Re: walking diagnosis

Hey @setmefree what do you mean, are you contemplating SH?

Re: walking diagnosis

yes @Bree-RO

Re: walking diagnosis

@setmefree pretty worried about you, have you got some strategies in place that could help keep you away from the concept of SH?


I am also going to encourage you to chat to SCBS now. There's two ways you can do this either chat [click here] or via phone on 1300 659 467. Once you've had a chat to 'em the RO community will be here for you to debrief Smiley Happy


Think you could try that?

Re: walking diagnosis

@Bree-RO no i dont have any strategies.

i just really feel like a need to do it and the urges are really strong and its dragging me towards it



Re: walking diagnosis

I want to encourage you to jump off the forums @setmefree just for a little bit, so that you are able to call either SCBS/Lifeline or even Kids Helpline.

SCBS and KHL both offer web chat. It's really important to use the appropriate service, because we all want what is best for you right now. And RO is not qualified to give you the top-tier level of clinical support you deserve right now Smiley Happy

Re: walking diagnosis

crisis everted @Bree-RO

Re: walking diagnosis

@setmefree how'd you go?