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So sick of being me. I just don't make sense as a person. I'm tired of being different and pretending it doesn't bother me, pretending that I'm too above it to care that I'm not anyone's idea of what a person should be.

Tried to put this in the negatives to positives thread but I just can't. I hate it and just want to wake up as someone else.


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Hey @Bay52VU!! You sound so exhausted, and it makes sense. Being different and confident about it isn't easy, and it actually takes effort to be our most confident selves. Maybe you need some time out, some one-on-one time with yourself without having to interact with anyone else. Maybe practice some self-care, like reading a book or listening to some music. You could apply some positive self-talk to the situation as well. What do you think? Smiley Happy

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Hey @Bay52VU how are you feeling today? I'm interested in what you think other people's idea of what a person should be is. I think difference and diversity are wonderful things, I cannot imagine anything more boring than a world full of identical pod people Smiley Happy

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Hey @Bay52VU
It is exhausting to try to fit into the proper 'person'. I have times where I'm so done with myself, when I wish I was more 'normal'. It would be amazing if being a person came with a guide. Although, like @ElleBelle said, it would be boring if everyone was the same, or followed the same rules. It's important to be you. You could try asking your family or friends what they think of you, telling someone you trust how you are feeling.
Sometimes, it feels like I am the only one around me who struggles with this, with who I am. But in truth, almost everyone you meet would have struggled, or are struggling, with fitting in.

Maybe try picking up a new hobby? A musical instrument, writing, drawing, something new to learn and do.

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that's really great advice @N1ghtW1ng


I totally agree with you - so many people struggle with fitting, although we might not all be as open about it and communicate it to others. 


@Bay52VU I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way. Similar to @ElleBelle , I'm quite curious about your perspective on what consitutes other people's ideas of what a person should be and agree that it would be utterly boring if we were all the same! There are so many ideas about this in different cultures, age and social groups etc - it would be impossible to fit them all and I really think diversity is awesome. 


I also wanted to add that it's totally okay that you aren't able to turn this around into a positive right now. It's not always easy to do and sometimes it can be good to just take the time to acknowledge and reflect on how you feel.